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Señor Spielbergo is a Mexican film director whom Mr. Burns hired to direct his short film, A Burns for All Seasons.


When it was announced that Springfield was holding a film festival and townspeople were invited to enter their own movies, Smithers suggested that Burns make a movie about his life story and enter it into the festival in order to improve his public image: "People see you as something of an ogre ... maybe this film festival could help us. A film biography might let them get to know the real you." Burns liked the idea, and wanted Steven Spielberg to direct. Spielberg being unavailable, Burns told Smithers to "get me his non-union Mexican equivalent!" who turned out to be Señor Spielbergo.

Burns and Spielbergo had creative differences from the very beginning. When Burns said he wanted Spielbergo to "do for me what Spielberg did for Oskar Schindler," Spielbergo looked doubtful and said, "Schindler es bueno, Señor Burns es el diablo." When they auditioned actors to play the part of Mr. Burns in the movie, Spielbergo thought that Bumblebee Man was "muy bueno," but Burns dismissed the whole process as hopeless and said that he would have to play himself.

Despite these differences of opinion, Spielbergo was not fired and stayed on for the entire duration of the project. He did an adequate job as director. When the film festival audience booed A Burns for All Seasons, calling it "pure egotism" and "self-indulgent tripe," it was because of Burns' writing, not Spielbergo's directing.

Behind the laughter

  • Señor Spielbergo's name is a Latinized version of Steven Spielberg's.