Emma Chespirito or Señora Bumblebee Man is Bumblebee Man's ex-wife. When he accidentally destroys their house, she gets mad at him and divorces him. She has the same Mexican accent as Bumblebee Man.

Señora Bumblebee Man is also seen sitting with Bumblebee Man in the First Church of Springfield, making it possible that they have since gotten back together.[1]

In "Moonshine River", she is shown holding hands with her boyfriend in New York City. It's unknown if she currently lives in New York, or she was just on a holiday like the Simpson family.

In "Grift of the Magi", she appears in a Spanish/Latin American daytime television court room show, '¿Dónde Está Justice?'. In the court, she argues with another Spanish man because the Ford Escort he sold her is in fact a lemon. Her husband, Bumblebee Man, is the judge. 



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