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"I just dip in and out. I'm only watching today because Brandi is coming out of a coma, and she knows the phony prince's body is hidden in the boathouse."
―Marge Simpson[src]

Search for the Sun is a daytime television soap opera that airs on Channel 6.


Marge Simpson frequently watching it while doing house work. She and Lisa watch it while Lisa is home sick from school with the mumps.[1] Marge is also watching when it was interrupted for a special report on a crisis at the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.[2]

Mrs. Glick, who refers to it has "her stories," watches it as well. She finds it, "Filthy. But genuinely arousing." [3]

Homer once watched it while he was working from home on disability. [4]

Known characters[]

  • Brandi, who suffered a coma
  • Jack, a man who treats his lover Margarita "like garbage" and has an affair with her, despite her now being married
  • Margarita, Jack's lover who at one point was pregnant and is later sexually harassed by her boss, Mr Devereaux. She marries and rekindled her affair with Jack
  • Father McGrath, a parson who was thought to be dead (and claims he was)
  • Mr Avery Devereaux, Margarita's boss who fires her and then kisses