Lanley hired me to build his monorail. He cut corners everywhere; bad wiring, faulty brakes, and the celebrity on the maiden voyage was Gallagher.
―Cobb, to Marge Simpson

Sebastian Cobb is a scientist who built North Haverbrook's monorail for Lyle Lanley. After the disastrous monorail accident in North Haverbrook, he helps Marge Simpson stop the monorail that Lyle Lanley sold to Springfield. His speech pattern implies that he may have been raised in Germany and has lived in North Haverbrook for years.

Relationship with Lanley

From the time that Lanley hired him to construct a monorail for North Haverbrook, Cobb suspected foul play. This was proven true when he saw Lanley for the con-artist he really is in cutting costs and building the monorails from cheap, unstable material (rather than spend money to make a monorail from expensive and stable materials).

When a visiting Marge comes to North Haverbrook, Cobb was the only resident whom was willing to talk to her about the monorail incident. He reveals he was actually against the purchase of the monorail for North Haverbrook and shows her what's left of it. Cobb mentions that the monorail incident is the prime reason why both the investors and most of the residents left for other towns that lead to North Haverbrook's desolate ghost town status. Realizing that Marge knows the truth of Lanley's scams, he assists her in preventing the same accident from happening to Springfield. But along the way, he stopped for a haircut, resulting in them being too late to stop the monorail. He soon came to the control room with Marge and instructed Homer to use an anchor or something strong.




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