Senator Mendoza is McBain's nemesis in several films.


Mendoza was a respected senator in the eyes of the public; however, behind the scenes, he secretly ran an international drug-cartel. McBain stumbled upon evidence that he was running the cartel, and thus attempted to bring Mendoza to justice. Mendoza also arranged for an assassination attempt on McBain at a diner via a planted "waiter," but Skowie, McBain's police partner and best friend, ended up taking the bullet. Mendoza then plants a trap for McBain where he traps him via a rigged salmon puff. Mendoza eventually meets his end where McBain ends up killing the board of directors staff during a meeting, and then hurls Mendoza (who was attempting to sneak attack him with a pistol) out of the window onto a Gas truck, being caught in the explosion.

Episode Appearances

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