Seth is one of Homer's hippie friends. He is a co-owner of the Groovy Grove Juice Corporation (along with Munchie), and was a friend of Mona Simpson in the 1960s.


Between Seth and Munchie, Seth is the more serious and businesslike of the two. When Homer wants to go to town to freak out squares, Seth quickly responds that they have a big order to fill.

He doesn't go along with the freak-out idea until Munchie says that they could duck out for a couple of hours, and even then Seth's first reaction is to call it a business trip so they can write off the mileage.

He and Munchie were among the Springfield residents who attempted to legalize marijuana in the town.

When Mona Simpson died, he and Munchie were present at the funeral home, with noticeably grayer hair.


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