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Shøp is a furniture shop located in Springfield Heights and is known for its unique and unusual designs.[1] The mascot of the shop is Allen Wrench, an anthropomorphic Allen Wrench who was found inside a meteor. The shop has a canteen where the forks are made out of Legos, which Homer Simpson enjoys.


  • Spoiled brat Gavin can be seen in the background, along with his mother, at the buffet line in "Eight Misbehavin'".
  • In real life, Shøp could not have been a Swedish shop. Only Norway and Denmark uses the letter "ø", while Sweden uses "ö".

Old design of the building

Behind the laughter

  • Shøp is a parody of STØR, which was a knockoff of IKEA furniture shops. It first appeared in the episode "Lisa the Beauty Queen", though it was mentioned to be a Danish shop instead of a Swedish shop.

The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Shøp appears in Tapped Out with another design. The game reveals it's situated in Springfield Heights. On the building there can be read FURNITURE SHOP and HOME FURNISHINGS. When the building is tapped, the shop's name, Shøp, can be seen.