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Shadow of the Colossal Doughnut is the eighth level of The Simpsons Game. Bart and Homer try to defeat Lard Lad after Kang and Kodos made him destroy Springfield. The level's name is a reference to the video game: "Shadow of the Colossus".


After the level "Enter the Cheatrix" is finished, three more levels open up at the Simpsons house backyard on Wii, DS or PSP, or around Springfield on PS3 or Xbox. These can be taken in any order, but following the story, this is the next level. Also, this level introduces Homer's new power, "Helium-Homer".


Kang and Kodos' invasion in Springfield included attacking dolphins, which Bart and Lisa defeated. Kang and Kodos shot a laser at a Lard Lad statue which made him come to life and destroy the city. Almost all buildings have been destroyed by Lard Lad's laser. Kent Brockman is reporting the chaos in live from his helicopter, watching how Homer and Bart try to beat Lard Lad. He attacks them when he sees them with his laser and his stomps. Plus, his laser can make little Krustys come to life by shooting at Krusty Burger billboards.

They will attack Homer and Bart, but they are weak and can be easily beaten by shooting them or using Homer Ball boosts. To get food, Homer can eat tacos from a taco van, ask for food at the Krusty Burger or get food from donuts billboards, since Lard Lad's laser can also make drawn food real. Lard Lad shoots them every time he sees them, but he has a weakness, three hatches in his butt, back and head. Bart can use his slingshot to open the hatch in his butt (which will stop him), jump on it and disable his wiring. But the hatch in his back is too high, so to get to it Bart has to go to the top of a building and jump from there.

The third hatch is in his head really high up, but Homer can use his new power to get to it: Heli-Homer. He can breath helium to become a ball and float until the gas is out. When Homer floats to Lard Lad's head and disables the wiring in the last hatch, Lard Lad will fall to the floor.

Kang and Kodos look from their spaceship as Homer pounds away at the fallen statue's crotch, much to his son's embarrrassment, and claim a revenge.

Shadow of the Colossal Donut characters

  • Homer: Homer is one of the playable characters, he can jump, kick, burp, turn into Homer Ball, breath helium to turn into Heli-Homer and (only in the Xbox version) turn into Lava-Homer.
  • Bart: Bart is one of the playable characters, he can jump, kick, burp, open his cape to release bats, turn into Bartman to glade, climb walls and ziplines, and grapple. He can also turn into Robo-Bart (Only in the Xbox version).
  • Lard Lad: he walks around looking for Homer and Bart and, when he sees them, he shoots his laser at them and stomps. His laser can also make drawn food real, and make little Krustys from Krusty Burger Billboards real.
  • Kent Brockman: during the level he says comments about what Lard Lad, Homer and Bart are doing from his helicopter.
  • EA Mini Krusties: EA Mini krustys can be shot off of the two billboards.Lard Lad uses these henchmen.
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