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I'm Shauna
―Shauna's catchphrase

“All seeing? Yeah, When’s that last time you saw your feet?” —Shauna insulting Comic Book Guy’s weight

Either the duck suffers or the kid does, or none of you's getting nothing from Shauna. I'm Shauna.
―Shauna's first spoken line.

Shauna Chalmers is the former girlfriend of Squeaky-Voiced Teen, Bart, and Jimbo. She is the daughter of Superintendent Chalmers and the late Rosemary Chalmers.


In Season 30 episode Daddicus Finch, she is shown celebrating a bat mitzvah. In Orthodox Judaism, girls must be at least twelve years old to do this ceremony. In Reform Judaism, it's delayed until thirteen like boys.

In Season 32 episode Sorry Not Sorry, she is seen serving detention in Springfield Elementary.

In Season 33 episode Girls Just Shauna Have Fun, she plays in the school band of Springfield High School and Homer describes her as a teen.

It seems between Season 32 and 33, she graduated from 8th to 9th grade, switching schools.

She has been shown at various times working for Krusty Burger, Swapper Jack's, and Marge's sandwich shop. Places like McDonalds (which Krusty Burger is based on) have a minimum age for employment of fourteen.


Shauna has medium-length brown hair and freckles and wears red lipstick and gold hoop earrings. She also sports two tribal tattoos on her upper-arms.

She is most often seen wearing jeans, a short white tank top that reveals her navel, and brown flip-flops, and has also been seen in a red bikini when swimming and a red devil outfit at Halloween. Sometimes, she wears a red bandana on her head, mostly in her earlier appearances. In "Livin' La Pura Vida" Shauna was seen wearing a black bralette under an open orange, short sleeved, button up with jean shorts, and black and white sandals. Shauna is also seen wearing a black jacket with red trim during episodes set in the fall/winter.



As a preteen, Shauna appears to have been in an organization similar to the Scouts or Girl Guides, as seen in an old photo of her with her father.

As a teen, Shauna seems to have become a bully, since Jimbo Jones, Dolph and Kearney had to impress her by throwing a duckling into the air, and according to Shauna, either the ducks suffer or Bart does.[2] She later becomes Jimbo's girlfriend, as Ned sees her kissing Jimbo.[3] She later makes a cameo as one of Jimbo's SpringFace friends[4], and later as one of Nelson's many wives as seen in a non-canon story.[5]

Her most prominent appearance was in "Beware My Cheating Bart", in which she was a central character. She becomes smitten with Bart when he keeps standing up for her after being assigned by Jimbo to watch her while he and his friends do other activities that do not interest her. After Bart takes the blame for her shoplifting, she shows Bart her breast as a reward, which shocks him. After talking to Lisa, she decides she doesn’t want Jimbo or Bart, but later goes back to dating Jimbo.

In "What to Expect When Bart's Expecting", it is revealed that Superintendent Chalmers is her father, and in "Girls Just Shauna Have Fun", it is revealed she lives at his house.

In "Pay Pal", Shauna can be seen working as a cashier at Swapper Jack's where she made out with Ol' Gil Gunderson.[6] She works for Marge's sandwich shop in "Super Franchise Me".

In "Livin' La Pura Vida", Jimbo Jones proposes to Shauna. Jimbo’s parents freaked out and cancel the wedding.

In "Sorry Not Sorry", she is seen selling marijuana to teachers such as Dewey Largo. She also does sharpie tattoos.


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