Either the duck suffers or the kid does, or none of you's getting nothing from Shauna. I'm Shauna.
―Shauna's first spoken line.

Shauna Chalmers is the former girlfriend of Squeaky-Voiced Teen, Bart, and Jimbo, and is Superintendent Chalmers' daughter.


Shauna has medium-length brown hair and freckles and 2 green ring tattoos around the top of her arms, and wears red lipstick and gold hoop earrings. She also sports two tribal tattoos on her upper-arms. She is most often seen wearing torn blue jeans, a short white tank top that opens her belly button, and brown flip-flops, and has also been seen in a red bikini when swimming and a red devil outfit at Halloween.

Sometimes, she wears a red bandana on her head, mostly in her earlier appearances.


Shauna seems to be a bully, since Jimbo Jones, Dolph and Kearney had to impress her by throwing a duckling into the air, and according to Shauna, either the ducks suffer or Bart does.[1] She later becomes Jimbo's girlfriend, as Ned sees her kissing Jimbo.[2] She later makes a cameo as one of Jimbo's SpringFace friends[3], and later as one of Nelson's many wives as seen in a non-canon story.[4] Her most prominent appearance was in "Beware My Cheating Bart", in which she was a central character. She becomes smitten with Bart when he keeps standing up for her after being assigned by Jimbo to watch her while he and his friends do other activities that do not interest her. They briefly date, but the two soon break up after a confrontation with Jimbo and Lisa leads to Shauna realizing that she is better without either Jimbo or Bart.[5] It is revealed that she started dating both Jeremy Freedman and a much older man.[6] She seems to have gotten back together with Jimbo In "The Man Who Grew Too Much".

In "Pay Pal", it was revealed that Shauna works as a cashier at Swapper Jack's where she made out with Ol' Gil Gunderson.[7]


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