The She-She Lounge is a lesbian bar located in the Lower East Side of Springfield. While many lesbian bars have come and gone in Springfield, the She-She Lounge remains a source of pride, sisterhood, and the best margaritas in the city, and, with its friendly, laid-back atmosphere, is considered to be one of the finest watering holes in town.

Homer visits the She-She Lounge after he is banned from Moe's Tavern and is looking for another place to drink in. After spending some time drinking at the bar, he notices that something is bothering him about the place. After another moment's thought, he realizes what it is: "This lesbian bar doesn't have a fire exit!" Homer then derisively says, "Enjoy your deathtrap, ladies," and walks out, prompting one of the other customers to ask, "What was her problem?"[1]


The She-She Lounge in The Simpsons Road Rage

This nightclub is now owned and managed by Gwen and Waiter Ainsley Harriot.


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