Sleeping with the Enemy
She Used to Be My Girl
Fat Man and Little Boy
[While Marge and Chloe are fighting]
Homer: Ladies, there's no need to fight over me.
Marge: No one's fighting over you!
Homer: Oh... carry on.

Homer: The only reason we don't move out of this dung hill is because of my court-ordered ankle bracelet. (his ankle bracelet beeps) I'm here, quit bugging me!
Marge: Why do you always have to show that to company?
Homer: It's a conversation-starter.

Bart: Thinking is for losers!

Marge: Evergreen Terrace, the street that smells like pee.

Homer: Woo hoo! The circus!
Lisa: The media circus.
Homer: Woo hoo! I don't know the difference!

Kent Brockman: This just in: I'm pissed off!

Chloe: So, Marge, what's exciting in your life lately?
Marge: Well, uh... Oh, we finally found out why the dog was scooting around on his butt all day. Turns out he had an impacted anal gland.

Homer: I am sofa king fat!

Bart: Mom, I want to be just like you. I mean the lava part, not saving Lisa.
Homer: Pretend to care! (strangles Bart)

Cookie Kwan: [to Mayor Quimby] Joe, why won't you acknowledge our love child?
Mayor Quimby: Er, uh… that is not my baby.
Baby: [sounds like Mayor Quimby] Er, uh, waaaah!

(While Homer and Marge at the women's conference)
Marge: I don't see Lisa in any of the seminars.
Homer: And I'm growing ashamed of my penis.

Kent Brockman: Channel 6 News rocks! A car chase every night, or the weather girl wears a tube top! And if she doesn't, you win a pizza!

Homer: What happened to us, Marge? We used to feed each other cheese and laugh all night. Then came the heart attacks.

Homer (to Marge about Chloe): Oh, honey, her life can't compare to yours. You got three kids, a TV tray from Expo '67, and you're married to King Stink.

Chloe: (knocking on trunk) Lisa, what are you doing in there?
Lisa: Praying to Buddha, Jesus, Spongebob....there's no time to be picky!
(In heaven, Buddha, Jesus, and Spongebob are looking down)
Buddha: Perhaps we should help.
Spongebob: Screw her! (does his crazy laugh)

(Bart is sawing through the TV)
Marge: Bart, stop that!
Bart: This isn't what it looks like.

Homer: Good news, Marge! I've learned to walk naked on stilts!

Chloe: Mr. Mayor, Will you answer one question?
Mayor Quimby: Only if is submitted in writing. (Chloe gives him a paper and he eats it) Checkmate!

Lisa: There's lava under the ground.
Chloe: Actually, lava underground is called magma.
Lisa: You're so smart.
Marge: Shut up!

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