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Get out here, son. There's a doin's a-transpiring! Let's shut the gate and seal them in!
―Shelby's Father[src]

Shelby's Father is one of the occupants of Springfield's rival city, Shelbyville. He runs Shelbyville Car Impound Lot.

He is similar to his Springfield counterpart, Homer, in many ways. They both are overweight, have similar face and wear white T-shirt and blue pants. Their sons, Shelby and Bart, are similar too.


After several Shelbyville kids stole the Springfield Lemon Tree, he most likely allowed his son and his friends to use the impound lot to hold the tree inside.

When Homer and the other Springfieldians attempted to take it directly, they were evicted by Shelby's Father from the lot, so they resorted to taking the tree by infiltrating the complex by illegally parking (in a manner similar to the Trojan Horse).

He attempts to seal them in after the attempted burglary, but he ultimately failed. He is last seen shaking his fist in anger along with his son as the Springfieldians escape with the tree.


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