Shelbyville Car Impound Lot is a car impound lot in Shelbyville. It's owned by Shelby's Father. It is located right in front of his house.


Shelby and his gang stole the lemon tree from Springfield and hid it in the car impound lot in Shelbyville. When Bart and his friends found it out, they and their parents tried to get the tree out, but Shelby's father refused.

So Bart hatched a plan. Ned Flanders parked his RV in front of the Shelbyville Hospital and all of them hid in the car which got impounded by Shelby's father.

In the night, they took the lemon tree and tried to escape from the impound lot. Shelby's father tried to close the gate, but failed and the Springfieldians luckily left Shelbyville.


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