Sheldon Skinner was the father of Seymour Skinner and husband to Agnes Skinner.


Agnes says goodbye to Sheldon before going to the war

During World War II, he fought in Grampa's World War II company, the Flying Hellfish, as their Radio Operator. He is also constantly the butt of several jokes by his comrades, with one particular joke involving a note saying "shoot me" being placed on his backside. He remarks that he "didn't join the unit to make friends" grudgingly after realizing the prank. He desired three chicken dinners every day after deciding to make the tontine on the Hellfish Bonanza.

He died in a parade float accident in 1979, along with Arnie Gumble, Iggy Wiggum, Etch Westgrin and Griff McDonald, who are all members of Abe Simpson's Flying Hellfish.

Nelson said they egged his grave once.[1]

Skinner's father was a soldier heading for the Korean War[2]. Sheldon resembles his son a lot both physically and mentally, which means that Seymour Skinner inherited these qualities.

During a flashback, he can be seen sitting with his wife and son where he sings the Springfield national anthem.[3]




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