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The Sherpas are two Nepalese Sherpas who were hired to guide Homer up the Murderhorn in his stunt to prove the strength of Powersauce bars. The Sherpas were employed by Brad and Neil of Powersauce to secretly ensure Homer would not fail, by dragging him up the mountain whilst he is asleep. His ignorance of the truth leads Homer to believe he really did climb the mountain and so accousts the "lazy" Sherpas to get up and keep going. One night, as they drag him, Homer's sleeping bag and pants are pulled down as he moves causing him to wake up and see what they are doing. When Homer discovers the truth, he fires them, pledging to climb (the rest of) the mountain by himself. The sherpas cartwheel down the mountain in celebration.

The bearded sherpa appears to hold some contempt for the other, telling him (in Nepalese) "I foresaw your death last night," to which the other responds "Stop saying that." They also dislike Homer, hoping that his toes will fall off after he starts kicking them and sarcastically suggesting that he should go back down and start climbing the mountain again after discovering he did not get this far on his own.

They were later seen outside 742 Evergreen Terrace, hitching a ride on a truck back to Nepal.[1]

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