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"I'm Sherri. She's Terri. (Double balloon)"
"You must be nice to them - they could surround you!"
Bart Simpson.

Sherri and Terri Mackleberry are a pair of identical twin students of Springfield Elementary School. Terri is younger than Sherri by two seconds. They are in the same class as Bart, by Edna Krabbapel. They are a little bit strange and sometimes they speak in their own language. They will also not hesitate to berate Bart as seen in various episodes. No one knows whether one twin is Terri or Sherri. However, it has been hinted that they may actually be triplets and the third one is out for revenge, but this has yet to be confirmed on the show, and should be considered non-canon at present. Sherri and Terri have long, purple hair and always wear the same clothes.


Originally in Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire the twins had yellow skin and brown hair instead of the pale skin and purple hair that they have now.

Physical Appearance

Sherri and Terri are completely identical; their normal outfit consists of purple bows wrapped around their waist-length purple hair (colored a darker shade for distinction), purple sweaters, purple skirts, and purple sandals with white socks. They have snout-like noses, and instead of yellow skin like most Caucasian background characters in The Simpsons, their skin is pale.


The full image gallery for Sherri and Terri may be viewed at Sherri and Terri/Gallery.

See also


  • They both play the piccolo in the Springfield Elementary School band.
  • in "Homer's Odyssey", in order to force Bart to sing as punishment on a bus ride, they each kissed Bart on the cheek.
  • In "Future-Drama", they are both seen in the school prom, apparently both having been impregnated by Nelson Muntz (and their twin babies, despite being newborns, share Nelson's trademark "Ha ha!").
  • In "The Blue and the Gray", it is revealed that they are two-thirds of conjoined triplets, and that the third triplet is out seeking revenge against Sherri and Terri.
  • Bart appears to have a crush on one of them, despite their mocking attitude towards him.
    • In "Barthood", as teenagers, Sherri tricks Bart into making out with her in a closet, before commenting on how both of them like the way he kisses; she tries to continue, but Bart quickly leaves in disgust.
  • In "The Daughter Also Rises", Jerri offers Marge "one of her twins" so she doesn't have to be alone, whereby Sherri and Terri engage in a type of "three card monte" by switching positions between their chairs at a table, weaving back and forth, and disappearing occasionally below the table - all in perfect unison. As they continue with this act, Marge comments that it now appears that there are three of them. This could mean that the third triplet does exist - as they put it, "Or maybe you're losing your mind!".
  • In "Yellow Subterfuge", Sherri and Terri's last names were revealed when Skinner holds a list of his students, two of which are the twins.