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Shut Up Simpsons
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Let's all get together and give each other a big hug.
Lisa Simpson

Shut Up Simpsons is the thirtieth Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show November 6, 1988.


Homer, the kids, and Grandpa are all sitting in room. First, Lisa says, "Just think, sitting right here are three generations of Simpsons." Then Bart says, "What a nightmarish concept." And Homer gets mad at Bart so Grandpa gets mad at Dad. Then Lisa says, "Yeah, Dad." And Dad gets mad at Lisa so Grandpa gets mad at Homer. Then Bart says, "Yeah, Homer." And Homer gets mad at Bart so Grandpa gets mad at Dad again. After that, Lisa tells Maggie to quit squeaking her toy and shoves her. Bart then shoves Lisa and Homer shoves Bart. Grandpa gets a rolled up newspaper and whacks Homer with it. Finally, they all decide to stop bickering and give each other a hug. They get into a group hug and Bart says he won't forgive Dad unless he uses a breath mint. Then, Homer strangles Bart and Grandpa strangles Homer so they’re all holding on to each other choking. Lisa and Maggie are disgusted by the boys' behavior and realize they are more Bouvier than Simpson.

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