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Bye, Dr. Nick! Bwa-Ha-Ha!
―Sideshow Blob kills Dr. Nick

Sideshow Blob was Sideshow Bob when he became a Blob.


When Sideshow Bob volunteers in a prison experiment he turns into a huge, monsterous blob. After he escapes from prison Bart tricks Bob into killing Jimbo and Nelson. Bob then tries to kill Selma, Professor Frink, Reverend Lovejoy and Krusty. They then try to find Apu and warned him about Bob they then see that he is already inside the Kwik E Mart. Bart and Lisa tries to figure out his weakness they then found out that he is weak against cold things Bart then tries to suck him inside the Squishee Machine. At the end it is shown that Bob became water and tries to kill people inside Mt. Splashmore.


  • Bongo.jpg Comic bookBart Simpson's Treehouse of Horror No. 02