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Sign Me Up is a song recorded by Bart, Milhouse, Nelson and Ralph as Party Posse in the episode “New Kids on the Blecch”. The lyrics and the dance while singing reminds army march. At the end of the song, the members' voices, that had been originally changed to sound more adult, turned back to the original voices, horrifying all the fans.


Party Posse:
Had a girl in every port from here to Barcelona.
But now I am docked in Springfield and girl, I'm gonna phone ya.
I stormed a lot of beaches, but you're the one that I miss.
Let's get back together girl, let's reenlist.
So sign me up, for a hitch of love.
Recruit my heart four sweet years of love.
We'll march all day and clean latrines all night.
Don't bust me down, let's re-up tonight.