Lisa seeing the effects of the Silvertongues on scorpions.

First seen in The Scorpion's Tale, Silvertongues are a known flower found in Satan's Anvil. Lisa was able to discover its calming effects on otherwise dangerous animals for example desert scorpions.

Positive Effects

  • An extract of the flowers have been found to reduce aggression, making whoever comes in contact calm and passive.
  • Homer tries the extract on his shirt and found it also a good stain remover, but when Abe was kicked out of the retirement home due his aggression, Homer had another idea. When Homer sneaks the extract into Abe's coffee, the effects of the flower on the scorpions also works on him despite Lisa's warning not to do so.
  • When Walter Hotenhoffer, who owns Hottenhoffer Pharmaceuticals, hears about it, he asks if he can duplicate the results since it was in Abe's system.

Side Effects

  • Despite Hotenhoffer's warning to allow testing first before marketing, Bart learns he can make money by selling some on the black market. However, when Abe's eyes pop out, it was clear something was wrong.
  • Lisa checked on the scorpions and discovers that the flowers cause the eyes to produce a lubricate that causes the eyes of any creature who takes too much of the extract to pop out, confirming Lisa's worry about why she didn't want it in the market in the first place.

Non Canon Appearances

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The Simpsons: Tapped Out

  • Silvertongue can be grown at Cletus's Farm. It takes 8 hours to grow.
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