Catch 'Em if You Can
Simple Simpson
The Way We Weren't
Apu: This silver ticket entitles you to judge the pig competition at the Springfield County Fair.
Homer: Judge a pig competition? But I'm no super genius! Or are I?

Mr. Burns: (removes Pie Man's mask and gasps) Simpson! You'll rue the day you took a pie tin, made two holes for eyes and tied a rubber band around the back.
Homer: It's not a rubber band, it's a scrunchy.

Apu: Let's see, Farmer Billy's Smoke-fed Bacon, Farmer Billy's Bacon-fed Bacon, Farmer Billy's Travel Bacon... Mr. Simpson, if you really want to kill yourself, I also sell handguns!

Homer: Wherever injustice shows its ugly face, I will be there, for I am the Pie Man.
Bart: And wherever Pie Man is, the Cupcake Kid will not be far behind.
Lisa: Thile you two are up on the roof, why don't you take the leaves out of the butter?
Both: Oh!

Homer: Please forgive me, Talking Llama!

Burns: It's cobblerin' time!

(Bart enters the house and groans)
Homer: awn, Let's turn that frown upside down! (grabs Bart's feet and holds him upside down)
Bart: Oh, Dad! I feel like I'm gonna throw up!
Homer: All right (puts him back on the ground) What's wrong, son?
Bart: Comic Book Guy made me pay for these comics he said I smudged, (gives the comics to Lisa) but I didn't even touch 'em!
Lisa: Richie Rich Incorporates in Delaware. Easy to Believe Tales. Supergirl vs.The Glass Ceiling. The Green Listener?
Bart: He was just trying to unload these crappy comics on a helpless kid!
Homer: Somebody oughta take him down a peg, or should I say "down a pie"?
Lisa: No, I think the expression is "peg".
Homer: Maybe you're right, Lisa! Maybe you're pie! Pie be your pie

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