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"Simprovised" is the twenty-first episode of Season 27.


After butchering a speech in front of all his friends at work, Homer turns to improvisation comedy to regain his confidence in his public speaking talents. Meanwhile, Marge offers to rebuild Bart’s lackluster treehouse, but tensions escalate when Bart questions her building skills.

Full Story[]

Homer was going to present an annual speech at the Nuclear Power Plant and his original plan was to repeat the comedy speech he gave every year, however, many of his punchlines were already used or they would be offensive as Lenny's grandmother was sick. This made him so nervous that he passed out on the stage, leading to a trauma of public speaking. Trying to cheer Homer up, Marge took him to a standup comedy show.

At the show, Homer was amazed by the actor's potentiality to improvise. He, Lenny and Carl then agreed to join an improvisation class, where Homer learned that he has a method for improvising scenes. They chose to present their own stand-up comedy club at Moe's Tavern, where Homer's performance was acclaimed by the public and the critics.

With such a great success, Homer was invited to perform at the Springfield Fringe Festival, but Homer was insecure about his performance and Moe advised him that he should cheat on his improvisation act, letting Moe pick his scenarios. However, Lisa observed their plans and convinced Homer to make his show the proper way.

On a secondary plot, Bart and Lisa go to Ralph's birthday party, where Bart realized that Ralph's new treehouse (built with money that Chief Wiggum withdrew from the evidence locker) is much better than his old current treehouse. Feeling envious, he chose to destroy his treehouse. However, when he mentioned that mothers couldn't build treehouses, Marge planned to work hard and build Bart the best treehouse she could.

Later, at the new treehouse, Marge overheard Bart saying to Milhouse that there wasn't any need to thank her, because she was only doing her job. Marge got ticked off at him, but the next morning, Bart took her breakfast into the master bedroom and apologized (with Homer's help), and they reconciled.

After the episode, we see Marge, Lisa, and Maggie in the house, saying that they wanted to show something special. Lisa says that it took 27 years to do what was done in 1954. Bart then says, "Homer, your turn to bomb."

Live Segment Questions and Answers[]

East Coast/Central airing[]

Hannah:: Who do you like more: Lenny or Carl? and why?
Homer: Let's see, I like Lenny because he's the black guy, and... Wait a minute, no! Carl's the black g... Wait, let me get back to you when I figure out who's who.
Amanda: Can you give me any tips and tricks to make me look like I'm hard at work but really I'm relaxing and taking a nap?
Homer: Always wear glasses with eyes glued onto them.
George: My question is pizza-related. Do you prefer Chicago deep-dish or New York Style?
Homer: Let's see... I prefer Chicago deep-dish, because I like Italian better than Chinese.
Joe: What kind of car do you drive?
Homer: I drive a Hybrid, which is a combination of old and terrible.
Chris: What was your favorite job?
Homer: My favorite job would've been being an astronaut, because everything was done for me. And also I could get away from the boy.

West Coast airing[]

William: If Donald Trump becomes the president, are you going to move out of Springfield and possibly move to Canada?
Homer: Well, there are a lot of people who want me to move out of Springfield already, so... But I don't think Canada will want me to... Will welcome me. But you know what? That's why I'm for Bernie Sanders. I love his chicken, but out of respect, we should refer to him as the "Colonel".
Michelle: I was just wondering, after all these years, how would you finally get rid of Patty and Selma?
Homer: The best way is not to bathe, and I've been doing that for a month. But they smoke so much, it seems to cover up the odor. But I have to say, I'm getting a lot of time to myself!
Kathy: I drank too much this weekend, what is your best hangover cure?
Homer: Best hangover cure is to sleep on the lawn and stay there until Marge stops being angry.
Zachary: What's your favorite song?
Homer: What's my favorite thong? My favorite thong is that Brazilian one that... that doesn't pinch too tight around the waist.


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