To Courier with Love
Orange is the New Yellow
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Cultural References

  • The title of this episode is a pun with the words "Simpson" and "Improvised".
  • In the season 8 episode "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show", June Bellamy says "very few cartoons are broadcast live". Ironically, 19 seasons later, "Simprovised" would be broadcast live.
  • Near the end of the West Coast version of the episode, Homer states that, "To prove that we're live, the Texas Rangers beat the Toronto Blue Jays on a technical knock out." Hours before the episode aired, Rangers second baseman, Rougned Odor punched Blue Jays right fielder Jose Bautista in the face during the eighth inning of the game.
  • When Homer's "mind explodes with premises", the woman siting on the chair in the "Philosophy: Objectivism" section is Ayn Rand, who was the creator of the philosophy Objectivism.


  • The Live segment pre-animated gags:
    • Lisa holds a sign saying "We parked on Bill O'Reilly's spot".
    • Nelson holds Martin by his underwear like a yo-yo.
    • Maggie spells "All Now" with blocks, and later corrects it to "Call Now".
    • Mr. Burns catches a butterfly with a net, but it flies off, carrying him.
    • Apu holds a basket with his octuplets and a sign saying "Free to good home".
    • Bart enters behind the desk and steal Homer's pants (he later asks for his pants back so he can get out from behind the desk).
    • Kang holds a sign saying "Don't blame me I voted for Kodos".
    • Bender holds a sign reading "Bring back Futurama (again)".
    • Bart knocks down the Fox Studios Secret Bunker walls, revealing it's on The Simpsons' living room.
  • Ralph's treehouse appeared on the September issue of the Treehouse Beautiful magazine. This indicates that the beginning of the episode takes place in September. This also indicates that Ralph's birthday is in, or at least close to September.
  • The last time a Simpson was talking to the audience at the end of the episode occured in Bart the General.


There are 2 Luann Van Houtens.

  • At the Springfield Fringe Festival, Lisa's tie changes from gray to blue, and later back to gray.
  • When Bart has a nail in his head, he reassures Marge that it is all mostly hair. However, it would be impossible for the nail to be sticking that far out of Bart's hair without falling. Also it is very unlikely that he would know it's still his hair just because most of his head is hair, because in The Blue and the Gray he didn't know where is his hair starting.
  • In some Latin American airings, the Live segment was aired without any sound. Later an apology video was posted on the YouTube channel Animation Domination.
  • There were two Luann Van Houtens in the crowd at the Springfield Fringe Festival.
  • Lisa mentions that Homer's performance at the Fringe Festival would be at closing night, but the performance took place during day time.

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