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Feeling overshadowed by their respective older brothers Bart and Sideshow Bob; Lisa and Cecil become new archenemies to each other.

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Lisa is having a good day at school until she splashed by a puddle and laughed at by her classmates. She gets on the bus, soaked and sighing, she sees her brother get lots of attention. On the bus, a new boy sits with Martin Prince who tells the new boy that Bart is the ultimate troublemaker and cool kid of the school. Lisa tries to introduce herself but he is only impressed with the fact that she is Bart’s sister. Lisa becomes jealous of her brother.

Meanwhile at Springfield Penetentary, Cecil Terwilliger is accidentally soaked with a fire hose and laughed at by the other convicts. Bob walks around the yard getting lots of calls from the others. Just like Lisa, Cecil is under the shadow of his brother, never getting the fame he wants.

Later that day Chief Wiggum calls Sideshow Bob for his monthly parole hearing, but Cecil asks why he hasn’t gotten his parole hearing yet. Chief Wiggum says that they haven’t done a background check on Cecil yet. Because of this, Cecil is free to go, (because of this he was never actually a prison) but still has to pay for a monthly rent.

After leaving, Cecil tries to figure out what he should do with his life now. While reading an issue of Villan Monthly he sees a Classified article for Hideouts that are for rent. He arrives at one of the locations, just as the resident is being kicked out for not paying the monthly rent. Cecil hands the money in the envelope, and gets the lair after the tour.

At the Simpsons home, Lisa is telling her parents about her sax performance and how Mr Largo praised her. Her parents were not listening to her instead they were waiting for Bart to speak. Apparently, Bart had gotten Principal Skinner’s Mom arrested by the United Nation’s for mistaken crimes against humanity. Lisa is angry that even her own parents are listening to Bart instead of her. Furious and hurt, she storms off to her room missing out on an apology cake.

Both Lisa and Cecil ask themselves: “What do I have to do to get noticed?” He decides to get out of the shadow of his brother by accomplishing something Bob never could. He first decides to kill Bart. He changes his mind, realizing he would be a copycat if he did that. He realizes that the other person who tried to foil his plan to flood Springfield was Bart’s sister, so he decides to kill Lisa Simpson.

The next day in the mail, Lisa gets a death threat, but Bart thinks it is for him from Sideshow Bob. Marge calls Chief Wiggum and asks if Sideshow Bob is on parole, but he is still in prison. She tells Homer to drive the kids to school just to be safe. Homer straps the kids in baby seats (which they find really uncomfortable) to keep them safe and then crashes into a tree, so Bart and Lisa walk the rest of the way. When they come to school they find out that the music program is cancelled so Lisa goes to see Principal Skinner and he takes away her saxophone, as it falls under the school boards new “Instruments that are a Danger to Student’s Safety”. She goes to class sadden, and begins to pretend she is playing her sax, which Ms. Hoover finds annoying.

In a flashback/nightmare, Cecil remembers how he was always trying to get his parents’ attention but Bob always stole his younger brother’s thunder.

Afterschool Lisa decides to take her mind off her saxaphone being taken by going to the library. When she gets there, Comic Book Guy tells her that he is in charge of the library and is closing it for restocking. And then she gets the news that her school will be closed. Of course, she gets Bart to help her investigate and they bump into Homer's old college roommates, Gary Doug and Benjamin who give her an address.

Cecil catches them at his lair and tells Lisa about how he made life terrible. Knowing that all school kingpins were bored of their work he easily swooped in. Lisa relates to Cecil in the fact that they get overshadowed too easily. Lisa gets a bit of satisfaction when Wiggum calls Bart "Lisa Simpson's brother". Cecil goes to solitary confinement ticking off Sideshow Bob.


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