Bart Gets an "F"
Simpson and Delilah
Treehouse of Horror


  • The title is a reference to "Samson and Delilah", an opera by Camille Saint-Saens. Samson from the Bible is often portrayed with long hair, like Homer does in this episode.
  • Dimoxinil is an anagram of the real-life hair restoration drug Minoxidil.
  • Homer's joy run through the streets of Springfield (when he sees he has hair) is a parody of the scene near the end of It's a Wonderful Life where George Bailey runs through the streets of Bedford Falls, saying "hello" to everything and everyone he sees.
  • Homer's entrance to the executive washroom parodies a scene in Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?


  • Homer's assistant Karl was played by openly gay actor Harvey Fierstein, and it is at least implied that Karl is also gay or bisexual. This marks the beginning of a trend of several LGBT characters on The Simpsons.
  • In the opening sequence, Homer's scream is to be different on some airings. A few airings may use the high pitched scream from the previous episode.
  • The kiss between Karl and Homer is the first animated male-on-male kiss to air on network television (though the WB animated sitcom Mission Hill -- which had Simpsons showrunners Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein as show creators -- is erroneously credited as the first time a man-on-man kiss has been seen in an animated primetime series, Mission Hill's male-on-male kiss is actually considered the first male-on-male kiss between two men established to be in a homosexual relationship).
  • Homer's hairstyles change several times throughout the episode. He starts off with long hair, then to a 1970s style small afro, then to a more close cropped 1950s type haircut, and finally a 1980s "Miami Vice" style angular cut with a small ponytail.
  • During Homer's speech (after he has lost his hair) about cutting costs in the plant, one executive remarks, "The nerve of a bald man to think he can run the power plant," which is ironic considering that Mr. Burns, who is bald, is in charge of the plant.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Lenny, Carl and Charlie in Season two.
  • Homer explains three messages to scar Bart: He ruined him (this episode and later episodes on), he crippled his family (soon to be shown) and baldness is hereditary (A Star is Torn, Blazed and Confused).


  • Burns claims that he was as "bald as a plucked chicken" by the time of his senior year in college (revealed in Burns, Baby Burns as 1914). However, in the flashback of Burns's college reunion (set in 1939) and in a flashback of him fighting in WW2 (set in 1944), Burns has hair. He may have been wearing a wig in those instances.
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