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The Simpson family are an American family based in Springfield and its tri-city area.[1]

Though not a hugely wealthy family, multiple members had confronted Springfield's most powerful man and Homer Simpson's boss, Charles Montgomery Burns,[2][3][4][5][6][7] (though Burns also respected Abraham "Grampa" Simpson in his role as 1950s heel wrestler Glamorous Godfrey),[8] and had a significant impact, both on Mr. Burns's life and elsewhere.[9] Homer Simpson have had success as a musician when he was younger,[10][11] was a talent agent,[12] and a successful talk show host,[13][14] had caused massive environmental crises from neglect,[15][16] and financially ruined his half-brother Herb Powell's automobile company Powell Motors[17] and the Groovy Grove Juice Corporation.[18] Bart Simpson was a child star,[19] and Bart and Lisa had written popular cartoons.[20][21] According to Homer, "The Simpson family is a long line of horse thieves, deadbeats, horse beats, dead thieves, and even a few alcoholics."[22]


The family in the Springfield area[]

Abraham "Grampa" Simpson was either an only child[23][24] or one of at least 12 siblings.[25] Grampa and his parents[26] moved to the United States from the Old Country;[24] his family eventually settling in Springfield's tri-city area.[1] He mentioned a brother called Bill Simpson,[27] and was implied to have brothers called Chet[28] and Tyrone.[29] Other relatives that lived in Springfield's tri-city area included Dr. Simpson and Stanley Simpson.[1]

Grampa had two illegitimate children: Abbey, who was conceived and born in England,[30] and Herb Powell, who was conceived at a local carnival and left at the Shelbyville Orphanage before moving to Detroit.[17] He had a son called Homer, Abbey and Herb's half-brother, with his wife. While most accounts maintained Homer's mother was called Mona,[7][31][32][33] one account identified her as Penelope Olsen.[23] After Mona disappeared, Grampa married a singer called Rita LaFleur, but mainly raised Homer on his own after Rita began touring.[34]

Homer married Marge Bouvier and had three children called Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.[35] Homer also drunkenly and impulsively married Amber in Las Vegas.[36]

Grampa Simpson's ancestors[]

There were conflicting accounts of Grampa Simpson's ancestry before he lived in Springfield. One family tree identified the earliest known Simpsons as Sven Simpson and Claretta Elridge, Grampa's great-great-great-great-grandparents and Homer's great-great-great-great-great-grandparents. They had two children. One of them, Rupert, married Winifred Running Goat and had five children. One of them, Garwood married Clowta Stillman, and they had four children, including Howland. Howland married Gabby Crouse and then he had five children, including Lou and "Old Tut". Lou married Zorina Ovadia and they had three children: Eckhardt, Bob and Twyla. Eckhardt married Griselda Johnson and four children named Verna, Vern, Eckhardt II, and Lotus. "Old Tut" Simpson married "Happy" Dinsdale and they had four children, including Grampa Simpson's father Orville.[23]

However in one episode, the earliest progenitors called Simpson were Grampa's great-great-grandparents, Virgil and Mabel Simpson, neither of whom were born with the name Simpson. Mabel was previously married to Hiram Simpson and had a daughter called Eliza. In 1860, Mabel fled the United States to Canada with a freed slave called Virgil. She divorced Hiram, but as Virgil had no last name, he took the name Simpson when Mabel married him and they had a son called Abraham (Grampa's great-grandfather and Homer's great-great-grandfather). Eliza married Milford Van Houten.[22]

In another instance, when Lisa said the Simpson family immigrated to America, Grampa responded that "The Simpsons' story begins back in the Old Country," suggesting that Grampa and his father's generations were the earliest Simpsons to live in America.[24]

Other ancestors were Bart-Beard the Pirate, Abigail Simpson (the Pittsburgh Poisoner), and Adam and Eve Simpson (aka Julius and Ethel Rosenberg).[22]

Family members not part of canon[]

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Treehouse of Horror[]

Hugo is Bart's twin brother.[37]

Anthology episodes[]

Cyrus Simpson is Grampa Simpson's brother.[38]


In one possible future, Bart married Jenda and had two children together, Jiff and Skippy. Lisa married Milhouse and had one child, Zia, although Zia only got Lisa's genes.[39]

In some possible futures, Maggie has a daughter, Maggie, Jr.[40][39]

In one possible future, a widowed Marge married Ned Flanders.[41]

In one possible future, Zia has a daughter, unnamed daughter.[42]

Family Member Gallery[]

The Simpson Family Tree[]

The Simpsons Uncensored Family Album continuity[]

Sven Simpson
Claretta Ethridge
Lambert Simpson
Rupert Simpson
Winifred Running Goat
Trixie Simpson
Prudence Simpson
Galston Simpson
Ivy "Glass-eye" Simpson
Garwood Simpson
Clowta Stillman
Gabby Crouse
Howland Simpson
Zeke Simpson
Pippa Simpson
Floyd Simpson
Zorina Ovadia
Lou Simpson
Dulcine Simpson
Hugo Simpson
Gaston Simpson
"Old Tut" Simpson
"Happy" Dinsdale
Griselda Johnson
Eckhardt Simpson
Bob Simpson
Twyla Simpson
Twitta Simpson
Elrita Simpson
Bonita Simpson
Orville Simpson
Yuma Hickman
Verna Simpson
Vern Simpson
Eckhardt Simpson II
Lotus Simpson
Abraham Simpson
Penelope Olsen [sic]
Herb PowellHomer Simpson
Marge Bouvier
Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson

TV series continuity[]

Hiram Simpson
Mabel Simpson
Virgil Simpson
Milford Van Houten
Eliza Simpson
Abraham Simpson[43]
Unidentified on screen
Unidentified on screen
Unidentified on screen
Unidentified on screen
Grampa Simpson
Mona Simpson
Rita LaFleur
Chet Simpson[44]
Bill Simpson
Tyrone Simpson[45]
Herb Powell
Amber Simpson
Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson
Bart Simpson
Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson

Non-canon family relations[]

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Unidentified on screen
Unidentified on screen
Cyrus Simpson
Grampa Simpson
Mona Simpson
Homer Simpson
Marge Simpson
Ned Flanders
Jenda Simpson
Bart Simpson
Hugo Simpson
Milhouse Van Houten
Lisa Simpson
Maggie Simpson
Skippy Simpson
Jiff Simpson
Zia Simpson
Maggie Simpson, Jr.[46]



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