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<!-- remember to add Abbie (daughter of Abe), Amber (wife of Homer), Bill, Cyrus (brothers of Abe) -->
<!-- remember to add Abbie (daughter of Abe), Amber (wife of Homer), Bill, Cyrus (brothers of Abe) -->
=== Non Canon Relatives ===
Hugo-barts twin brother
Maggie Jr.-maggies daughter who looks exactly like her mother did at that age
=== Relatives with an unknown position in the family tree ===
=== Relatives with an unknown position in the family tree ===
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* [[Millionaire Actor]]
* [[Millionaire Actor]]
*[[Prison Snitch Relative]]
*[[Prison Snitch Relative]]
== Non Canon Relatives ==
* [[Hugo Simpson|Hugo]] - Bart's twin brother
* [[Maggie Jr]]
[[Category:Simpson family|*]]
[[Category:Simpson family|*]]

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The Simpson Family is one of the main families in Springfield. The first known Simpson was Sven. Many families have married in

The Simpson Family: Marge, Lisa, Maggie, Homer, and Bart.

to the Simpson family and the Simpsons have in turn married into many. Through marriages such as this, it is possible to trace a link between one of the states richest and well-known family, the Burns'.


The first known Simpson was Sven. He married Claretta Elthridge and had two children. One of them, Rupert, married Winifred Running Goat, a Native American Indian. They had five children, which included Trixie and Garwood. Trixie married Gaylord Stemple and they had three sons. Garwood married Clowta Stillman, and they had four offspring. Howland married Gabby Crouse and then he had five children. They were Lou, Dulcine, Hugo, Gaston and Tut. Lou married Zorina Ovadia and they had three children: Eckhardt, Bob and Twyla. Twyla married Woody Schedeen and had the daughters Fernice and Ingrid, and Eckhardt married Griselda Johnson and had two sons and two daughters named Verna, Vern, Eckhardt II, and Lotus.

Tut Simpson married "Happy" Dinsdale and they had four children, including Orville. Orville married Yuma Hickman. They had Abraham Simpson and his brothers. They moved back to the US and Abraham met Mona. They had Homer, who married Marge Bouvier (joining the Bouvier family with the Simpsons) and had Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. Abe also had an affair with an unknown woman, which resulted in Herb, who was adopted by the Powell family.

Family tree

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Sven J. Simpson
Claretta Ethridge
Lambert Simpson
Rupert J. Simpson
Winifred Running Goat
Beatrix "Trixie" Simpson
Prudence Simpson
Galston Simpson
Ivy Simpson
Garwood J. Simpson
Clowta Stillman
Gabby Crouse
Howland J. Simpson
Zeke Simpson
Pippa Simpson
Floyd Simpson
Louis Simpson
Dulcine Simpson
Hugh "Hugo" Simpson
Gaston Simpson
Oswald "Old Tut" J. Simpson
"Happy" Dinsdale
Twitta Simpson
Elrita Simpson
Bonita Simpson
Orville J. Simpson
Yuma Hickman
Unknown Carnival Woman
Abraham J. Simpson
Mona Simpson
(Penelope Olsen)
Cyrus Simpson
Chet Simpson
Herbert Powell
Amber Simpson
Homer J. Simpson
Marjorie Bouvier
Bartholomew Jo-Jo Simpson
Lisa Marie Simpson
Margaret Simpson

Relatives with an unknown position in the family tree

Non Canon Relatives

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