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  • The "hand of God" (or Flanders as God) had only four fingers in Marge's dream when in "Homer the Heretic", the God that was in Homer's second dream had five fingers and five toes.
  • In the second segment, when Milhouse and Lisa are trapped in the Egyptian tomb, the Treasure of Isis from the episode "Lost Our Lisa" is sitting on a pedestal.
  • When Homer says "I never used those pizza coupons!" he may have been referring to the coupon book he was given in the episode "Sunday, Cruddy Sunday".
  • This episode, alongside "The Fight Before Christmas", "Four Great Women and a Manicure" and "22 Short Films About Springfield" are the only anthology episodes that contain more than three stories.
  • For punishment, Bart has to write Hieroglyphs on the chalkboard. If one looks closely, it has an eye, a well, a knot, a D- and a head. Translated this is, Eye Well Knot D Face, or I Will Not Deface. It is also reference to chalkboard gag.
  • This episode is non-canon and takes place on Easter Sunday.

Cultural References

  • Bart's line of "No, the bush set me up!" references the arrest of Marion Barry in 1990. While Marion was being arrested he exclaimed "No, the bitch set me up!"
  • The fantasy of Bart's dream was inspired by and references several films by Jerry Bruckheimer, particularly Die Hard and Lethal Weapon. It also uses various elements from other action films.
  • Santa's Little Helper talks with a voice that reassembles of the dog Goliath in the 1960s Christian stop-motion animated television series Davey and Goliath.


Adam with no navel


Maggie with a blue pacifier and Charlie with gray-brown hair

  • The story of Solomon comes before David and Goliath, but in the Bible it was the other way around. Also in the Bible, it says that Solomon is the heir and son of David.
  • Wiggum, in Bart's dream of David, asks the king David, "Where's your Messiah now?". But in the Bible, Jesus is descended from David's line and in Homer's dream Jesus is there, but Solomon was David's son and he was also an ancestor of Jesus.
  • When God notices that Gary the Unicorn has passed on, Adam's navel disappears a few times briefly.
  • At one point, the blue and yellow of the Pharaoh's headpiece swap color with each other.
  • At church, Charlie has gray-brown hair instead of his usual dirty blonde/ginger hair.
  • For a moment, when Bart is falling asleep, Maggie's pacifier is blue instead of red.

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