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The Simpsons Chasing Couch couch gag is the eighth couch gag of Season 20. It is also the first couch gag to be in 16:9 widescreen HD.


The Simpson family run into the living room as usual, but find out that their couch has gone missing. Homer sees it galloping down Evergreen Terrace and the family starts to chase it. The couch hides behind the Statue of Jebediah Springfield, but the family runs past by it. Later, the family is in a forest next to a burnt-out campfire.

Eventually, Marge spots couch tracks that the couch left behind, so she and the rest of the family continue their journey. The family and the couch suddenly engage in a high speed, nonstop chase down the road. Then, they chase it down a river and in India, only to discover that it had escaped by tying all of the bed sheets together and abseiling down the outside of the building. After the family rides in a NASA shuttle to space, they finally find the couch there, and they sit on it. Homer orders the couch to return to their house, so they crash land through the roof and Homer switches on the TV.

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