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The Simpson Family Lookalikes is a family that looks like The Simpsons.


They only appeared briefly in The Simpsons Movie. When the Simpson family stop at a truck stop, Marge Simpson notices a Wanted poster bearing the family on it behind the counter that they are fugitives by the EPA. In order to distract the shop-owner from figuring out, she tells him to give her lots of beef jerky while Bart draws wacky designs on the poster giving Homer wacky slicked hair and a droopy moustache, Marge, a wild afro and bucked teeth, straight blue hair for Maggie, buckeed teeth and big eyebrows for himself and an eyepatch and bucked teeth for Lisa.

However right at that moment a family that looked exactly similar to Bart's wacky designs walked into the store and the shop-owner phoned the police.

Eventually the Simpsons family got away unnoticed while the other family was arrested. Bart laughs as they drive away, suggesting that his prank may have been intentional.


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