Administrators are users who have proved themselves to be a very reliable editor of the wiki and have worked their way up to become an administrator. They are usually the most reliable members of the community and can be contacted with queries. They have the power to delete pages if they are spam/vandalism and block users if they have vandalized on the wiki at all. The purpose of an administrator is to keep peace on the wiki and to keep vandalism at bay.

Administrators can also edit the pages that make up the wiki, such as the sidebar, site notice and the coding for the looks of the wiki too.

The Administrators


User Status Since Comment
Joeyaa Active recently February 18, 2009 Bureaucrat, VSTF member
Scarecroe Active sometimes Wikia staff, admin


User Status Since Comment
Kingcjc Inactive June 15, 2008 Bureaucrat
Inactive March 17, 2008 Bureaucrat
Inactive June 27, 2010 Bureaucrat
TheUnderfaker Inactive August 21, 2010
Smiley12 Inactive 18:24, February 19, 2010
Postbagboy Inactive September 24, 2005, Founder of Simpsons Wiki
Dr. Ralph Wiggum Inactive September 24, 2005,
M Johnson Inactive December 31, 2005 Bureaucrat
Thai420 Inactive April 5, 2006
TheHomer Inactive August 21, 2010
Basel17 Inactive
Thai420 Inactive


User Status Gained Removed Comment
Solar Dragon Inactive January 29, 2010 October 25, 2010 Bureaucrat, left
Brian McClure Inactive February 24, 2008 February 26, 2011 Blocked infinitely

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