Wiki This page is an official policy on the Simpsons Wiki.

It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that everyone should follow. Except for minor edits, please make use of the discussion page to propose changes to this policy.

Wikis are a collaborative effort by the members of the community where each person builds upon the work of the previous editors. Sharing information between wikis is allowed under the licensing that most wikis, use as long as a note as to where the information came is recorded in the edit.

With one exception, copying from other wikis is allowed, such as from Wikipedia or any of the others that Fandom (formerly Wikia) hosts. The standard procedure is to make a note either on the page or in the Edit Symmary as to where the information was copied from. For copying from Wikipedia, we have a template that should be used:


Replace "PAGENAME" with the name of the page on Wikipedia that the information came form. This will add a notice that the information came from Wikipedia and provide a link back to the original article.


As an alternative to copying information directly, users are encouraged to come up with original edits. If that is not practical, they should take steps to re-write the material to convey the same idea in different words, much as they would do when writing a book report for school.


In the past, a group of people decided to leave here and took with them both this wiki's former name and a copy of the information it had. The manner in which they did so was permitted under the licensing.

They have decided that they do not want to share any new information that has been added to their wiki after their departure. If any of it does happen to be copied to here, they require a very prominent notice to be added to the page in question.

Since that kind of notice would serve as an advertisement for their wiki, it is the policy of this wiki that no material from Wikisimpsons will be added here. The purpose of this policy is to reduce as much as possible the need for either wiki to police the actions of the other, so that both can concentrate on improving their own wiki.

Note: This refers only to the group that branched off from Wikia to host their own wiki. It does not include other wikis named "Wiki Simpsons", such as the French, Spanish or Portuguese wikis hosted by Fandom.


When an administrator receives a notification that material from Wikisimpsons has been copied here, they should take appropriate steps to verify that the material is indeed the same and cannot be obtained from any other source (a quote on a news website, a press release, etc.).

In such cases where another source can be located, the material can remain as long as a reference link is added that will allow the reader to go to that other source and to show that the information could have been found independently. Any wording leading up to that reference should be adjusted if necessary.

If the administrator can verify that a copy from that other wiki has taken place, they should remove that material. This can be done by undoing the edit, re-editing the page or whatever method they deem fit that will remove the material.

Warnings to users

The user that copied the material should receive a warning on their talk page with a link back to this policy so they can be aware why the copy was not allowed.

Should the user continue copying material to this wiki, they will receive a second warning with an additional notice that a block is pending. The third instance will result in a one-week block. Subsequent infractions will result in longer blocks.

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