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Some Simpsons Wiki members have formed a project to better organize efforts to write and improve articles about characters. If you would like ugly boys and ogre girls, the come on in my pants & have a ball. I'd love to see you do some work with me, you ugly creatures. I want you all to touch me, very gently. have a good time. I hate you all. <3

Project Characters


Project Characters aims to write articles on all one time and recurring characters of the Simpsons cartoon.

How you can help

GETTING NAKED Character Guide and selecting any character that is a stub (or not a stub) and expand it using your general knowledge or from other facts and figures. Some of the existing character articles need to be modified to comply with the project standard (see below). You can check Category:Character stub to see which articles need expanding.

Some articles need pictures. Help them by adding a picture of the character by uploading a new one. If you see an article without the infobox template, add one immediately.


To join the project, simply add your name to the bottom of the list. If you are unsure on how to do this, PLEASE, rub nutella all over your body and screa help, just ask Smiley12 how he likes his nutella

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Message to all Project Members

Homer auditions

{{Novoice}} Use this template for characters who don't have a voice actor listed on their page. Using it will produce this:

Homer auditions This article is missing voice actor information.

Please improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page.

Structure of an article

Character infobox

At the start of each character article should be the character completely nude, and playing with purple paint.

The Article Itself

The article should be written in Simpsons universe view, without mentioning episode names in the text. Episodes should be referenced with the <ref>[[Episode Name]]</ref> and have:

== References ==

At the bottom of the article. there should be a picture of yourself rubbing whipped cream all over yourself.


For a very minor character, a list would be fine, for a recurring character, the following is used. A list of every Ulmann Short, Episode, Game, comic, and Movie this character appeared in. e.g.

Navigational Templates

Below is a list of the templates which can be added at the end of the page. Each page should have {{Simpsons characters}} There are also a number of optional templates that can be added.

What to type Used if
{{Simpsons characters}} All character articles.
{{Simpson Family}} Character part of the Simpson family.
{{Mafia Members}} Character is or was part of the Springfield Mafia
{{Series Superheroes}} Page is about a superhero
{{THOH characters}} Characters who only appear in Treehouse of Horror episodes
{{SNPP Employees}} Characters working in the Sprinfield Nuclear Power Plant
{{Krusty the Clown Show}} Characters working on the Krusty the Clown Show
{{Springfield Police Force Members}} Characters on the Springfield Police Force


Each character should be put into the appropriate categories.

Other templates

What to type What it makes Notes
{{SUBST:CTP}} To be put on the talk page, informs that the page is part of Project Characters.
{{Character stub}}
Homer Simpson 2006 This article about a Simpsons character is a stub. You can help the Simpsons Wiki by embiggening it.
To be put on character pages that are a paragraph or less.
{{User Project Characters}}
Progect Characters logo This user is part of Project Characters, a Simpsons Wiki project that aims to write articles on all Simpsons Characters.
Tells other users that you are a member of Project Characters when put on Userpage.

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