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This page is under review as a candidate for a new policy, but has not yet been formally adopted. Refer to the Talk page for more information.

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As a community of the Simpsons Wiki, the users must follow the rules.


  1. Grammar: Write into the articles to make it clear, so people can read it. Few of them are typing two or more errors which is not enjoyable for everyone and need to rewrite them to correct these errors.
  2. Plagiarism: Only allow to create or write the articles as original content. However, copying content directly from other wikis (such as Wikisimpsons) or somewhere else on the internet would result in being undone or deleted, according to the license. Introductions are fine. If you find plagiarism, you could rewrite them as soon as possible.


  1. Vandalism: Vandalism is strictly prohibited in this wiki. This includes but not limited to:
    1. Inserting false information or unreliable sources
    2. Trolling
  2. Ban Evasion: Got yourself blocked? The chances are you deserved. You should wait for your block to expire, or if you think we made a mistake, contact the administrators to review whether to be unblocked or not. However, creating sockpuppet accounts to go around your block would result in being permanently blocked and original account would be extended block. If it continues creating sockpuppet accounts, the original account will be permanently blocked from this wiki.
  3. Edit warring: It makes revert three or more times in one page would subject to be locked temporarily or will receive temporary block unless there's a problem with vandalism.
  4. Badge Abuse: The badge is not a game. See more on the achievement badges.
  5. Spam: We don't allow to promote unwanted advertisements in this wiki and the spammer will be blocked on sight. If no administrators are active to deal with spammer, you can make a report on the SOAP Wiki.
  6. Profanity: We want to keep it clean during discussions unless quoted.
  7. Harassment: Any users who are willing to harass others will be punished by the administrators. This includes but not limited to:
    1. Hate Speech
    2. Racist
    3. Bullying other users
    4. Intimidating
  8. Inappropriate Username: If the username contains profanity and other things which are unacceptable, it will be immediately blocked from this wiki until the users change to an appropriate name.


  1. New Episodes Airdate: Do not remove an upcoming episode notice until 8 PM (ET) on Sunday. Failure to do so will lead to temporary block or even longer.
  2. Non-Canon: The users must discuss on the talk page whether to remove it or not. Treehouse of Horror series and other episodes (such as The Principal and the Pauper, Gump Roast, The Man Who Came to Be Dinner, and more) are always non-canon. This applies to Wikisimpsons. Failure to do so without going to the talk page will lead to a minimum of a week block or even longer.
  3. Unannounced Season: Do not create unannounced seasons until FOX renews it. Creating unannounced seasons are considered fanfiction and will be deleted and locked in sight. If the seasons are announced, contact the administrators or content moderators to unlock it.
  4. No Fan-made Episodes: Fan-made episodes are prohibited in the Simpsons Wiki. If you want to do this, go to the fanon wiki. Created fan-made episodes which were not made by the producers will be immediately deleted from this wiki. Repeated offenders will receive temporary block or even longer.


  1. Minimum Pages: The categories must have at least three or more pages to create one, except episodes and song by the characters. If the categories have less than three pages, it would be deleted without prior warning.


  1. No Fanfiction: We don't allow fanfiction (except the discussions) in this wiki. This rule may apply to Graggle which doesn't exist in the show and isn't real. If you want to create fanfiction, go to the fanon wiki instead, not in the official wiki.


  1. Image Quality: Upload the best image quality without any watermark, and to take a screenshot, you can use screen capture program (such as Snipping Tool from Microsoft and ShareX). However, using laptop may not be able to capture screen properly due to its DRM-protected on the streaming service websites. If the images are low quality, you can replace it with better quality and can be found here.
  2. No Fanart/Off-topic: Only allow to upload official artwork and on-topic images unless referenced in other media. Off-topic images on your user profile page should be fine.
  3. No NSFW: Uploading NSFW images, including fanart, will result in immediate deletion as per Fandom's Terms of Use, specifically Section 14.2, and the Fandom Community Guidelines. Those who repeatedly violate this policy may face a block ranging from one month to permanent.


  1. No Petitions: Petitions (including polls) are not allowed in this wiki. Should anyone post petitions with external links would result in a block and your post will be removed from the discussions and pages.

Manual of Style

Privacy Policy

It's our priority to keep your sensitive information safe and secure within the community. Should anyone request your personal details, please disregard the inquiry and report it to the administrators at once. Not complying with this protocol may result in a block, and your user profile page, which displays your sensitive information, may be removed without prior notice. You can read to learn more on Fandom's Privacy Policy.