―Burns' catchphrase
Release The Hounds!
―Burns' catchphrase
Simpson, eh?
―Burns' catchphrase
―Burns' catchphrase
―Burns' catchphrase
Smithers, who is this [condescending noun]'
―Used when Burns doesn't know Homer's name.
You're fired!
―Burns as a vampire Charles Montgomery Plantagenet Shicklgruber Burns[1], also known as Monty Burns, Montgomery Burns, C.M. Burns and Mr. Burns is the main antagonist of The Simpsons, is a rich influential citizen of The Simpsons. He is the owner and manager of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. Burns is Springfield's richest and most powerful citizen. His net worth has been stated to be in the billions and in one instance was pegged at exactly $1,800,037,022[2].  He has, on two occasions, lost his entire fortune [3] [4], and at another time slipped to "only" $996 million ($996,036,000), leading to his expulsion from Billionaire Camp.[2] Burns is very elderly and physically frail but employs relentless and ruthless tactics to get what he wants. ==Owner of==*Springfield Nuclear Power Plant (present owner)*Isotope Stadium*The Meltdowns stadium*Springfield Monorail*Montgomery Burns State Prison*Springfield Concert Hall*Mr. Burns Basketball Stadium*S.N.P.P. Cafeteria*Montgomery Burns Institute For Soul Extraction (Non-Canon)*Mr. Burns' Casino*Springfield Opera House*Springfield Elementary School and Prison*Springfield Sports Arena *Springfield Atoms Stadium*Naming Rights Available*Spellympic Village (Part-owner)*Baltic Avenue Hotel*Water Works*Electricity Company ==New owner of==*SpringFace (Joint ownership with Bart and Lisa)*MyTube** (Joint ownership with Springfield Nuclear Power Plant)*Earthland Realms*EBooze*Springsonian Museum (Owner / Manager / Boss)*Springfield Museum of Natural History (Half Ownership)*35 Industry Way (Joint ownership with Bart Simpson)*Springfield Bus Station (New owner)*Springfield Excitement (Won a poker game) ==Biography==
Young Burns

A younger Burns and his teddy bear Bobo

Burns' paternal family is of Scottish descent while his maternal family is of Scottish, German, and supposedly Mexican descent (although this is contradicted many times). His date of birth is arguable. He has been said to be born on September 15, 1890, although he himself says he was born in 1881. As a child, Burns lived happily in a northern state- presumably in Tangire, Morocco-[5] with his natural parents Clifford and Daphne Burns as the second-youngest of 12 children, the youngest being George Burns, and his teddy bear Bobo. As a child, Burns was so cheery and amiable that his parents called him "Happy".[6] At a young age, he left his family to live with a twisted and heartless billionaire (who was actually his grandfather and a former slaveholder named Colonel Wainwright Montgomery Burns, who owned an "atom mill" in Springfield, where laborers split atoms, by hitting anvils with sledgehammers. Presumably, nine of his other siblings also accompanied him, although they all died under "suspicious circumstances", leaving himself the sole heir to the family fortune.  Burns lived a life of privilege and would amuse himself by injuring hapless immigrant laborers; it appears that Wainwright was directly responsible for turning Charles Montgomery from a pleasant child into a cold-hearted man, much like himself. Burns later attended Yale University, where he studied science and business, played on the varsity football team, and was inducted into the Skull and Bones secret society. Burns graduated from Yale in 1914. He also bore a grudge against Daphne Burns for having an extramarital affair with President William Taft, which was apparently strong enough for him to attempt to murder his mother by "pulling the plug", not expecting her to live five more decades.[7] In 1939, at Burns' Yale reunion, he had an affair with the daughter of an old flame. She would later bear his child, Larry Burns, who was given up for adoption and would later enter Mr. Burns' life briefly.[8] Burns served in the Flying Hellfish during World War II, holding the rank of private after being demoted for his involvement in a romantic scandal and attempting to block a probe from J. Edgar Hoover. Burns is proud of having manufactured shells for the Nazis, seeing himself as being superior to Oskar Schindler because his shells "worked, dammit!"[9] He also implies that he may have served as an SS member and/or served as one of the Nazis at some points. 
Mr burns WW2

Burns and Abe Simpson during WWII

A member of Springfield's Flying Hellfish battalion (even though it was later shown that Mr. Burns was in the Schutzstaffel (SS, the special forces of Nazi Germany), he saw action in the Ardennes during the Battle of the Bulge, serving under Sergeant Abraham Simpson. He was later transferred to the South Pacific with part of his squad. During the closing years of the war, when his platoon was clearing out a German-occupied castle, Mr. Burns came across several valuable portraits. Since they couldn't decide on who they should go to, they decided to enter into a tontine, from which Mr. Burns was removed decades after the war through being dishonorably discharged when he tried to kill Abe. The paintings were later handed back to a German whose relatives owned them.[10]

Mr. Burns showing off his expensive clothing


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