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Donut Homer.jpg This episode is considered non-canon, and the events featured are not part of the timeline of the series' continuity.

"Simpsorama" is the sixth episode of Season 26, and a crossover with Futurama.


When a time capsule containing a sandwich with Bart's germs, Milhouse's rabbit's foot, and radioactive ooze causes a major catastrophe in the future, Bender of the Planet Express crew travels through time to kill Homer in order to stop the mess from happening. However, Bender chooses not to kill Homer, and then the trouble begins.

Full Story

The episode's couch gag features the Simpsons' couch transforming into Hedonismbot, prompting everyone to stand up in shock/disgust, except for Homer, who receives a massage and is fed grapes.

At Springfield Elementary School, Principal Skinner is showing actress Mrs. Krabappel's class a time capsule that they intend to open a thousand years later and then tells the students to each put something inside of the capsule. After Milhouse puts his lucky rabbit's foot in it (after getting his nose stuck in it, his pants falling down and his white underpants exposed), Bart, having obviously forgotten to bring something to put in it, puts a sandwich that he blows his nose on into the capsule. At a ceremony, Mayor Quimby lowers the time capsule into the town square in front of the statue of Jebediah Springfield. When they dig up the hole, they notice some green ooze pouring out and all eyes turn to Mr. Burns. It begins to rain outside during this event.

Later that night, at their house, the Simpsons hear a strange noise outside like something falling from the sky. Marge then hears something glugging and belching downstairs. Homer and Bart select to go to the basement and investigate. Homer plans to send Santa's Little Helper down to see what is down there, but the hound runs off. He then tries the same thing with Bart, but this does not work, either. Homer formulates to set a trap, using Bart as bait. Down in the basement, Bart sees a shadowy figure opening a can of Duff. Homer whacks at the shadowy figure with a broom and reveals the shadowy figure to be Bender, who reveals he is from the future. Homer decides to take this futuristic visitor to his "civic leaders".

At Moe's, Bender guzzles down several mugs of beer and "buys" several rounds for the patrons. Homer considers Bender his new friend, and Bender reveals that's the reason he's there..."for all you know". Bender then hangs out with the guys at Barney's Bowlarama, where Bender cheats a perfect game.

The next day, Bart and Lisa observe Homer and Bender sleeping on the couch and cannot help but pinpoint the similarities between the two. Lisa starts to doubt that Bender is actually from the future since robotic technology is relatively advanced at the time. So Lisa takes Bender to Professor Frink's laboratory. Bender admits that he does not recall why he was sent to the present, so Frink unplugs and re-plugs Bender's mission protocol, causing Bender to reveal his mission is to terminate Homer.

Homer is upset that his new bowling buddy wants to kill him. Bender admits he is unable to do such a thing. Lisa assumes that it is due to Isaac Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, but Bender denies this, claiming he killed Asimov on the way. Suddenly, Bender's ass begins ringing and a hologram of Leela appears asking if he killed Homer yet. Bender claims he did, but Leela shows that thousands of rabbit-shaped creatures have invaded New New York and are multiplying. Leela catches Bender's lie. Fry also encourages Bender to kill Homer. Lisa asks why, and the professor replies that the creatures have Homer's DNA. Hermes panics that they are grabbing all of the office supplies. Even Dr. Zoidberg speaks his only line. The professor elaborates that Bender was sent back to kill Homer before the creatures could evolve from him. So, the professor, Leela, and Fry go into the past to kill Homer themselves. Leela attempts to shoot him with her ray-gun, but Bender bends it. Frink offers a team-up with the professor, who suggests Homer take the rest out so he can explain "freemium games".

While walking through Springfield, Homer, Fry, Leela, and Bender pass by a Panucci's Pizza where Seymour is inexplicably waiting. When they get to the house, Homer introduces Marge to Fry and Leela. Marge and Leela attempt to exchange pleasantries while avoiding talking about the other one's tall blue hair and one eyeball respectively.

Back at the lab, Lisa asks the professor if he got to the present through a time machine, but the professor denies this. The professor explains they came through a portal which they equipped to Bender. He reveals that Bender, however, came here through a time machine. Just as Lisa is about to question this, the DNA sample the professors were working on completes.

When the professor, Frink, and Lisa get to the house, the professor reveals that the DNA was only half of Homer's, with the other half belonging to Marge. Marge is relieved when the professor says they do not have to kill her, just one of her children. Bender's ass shows a hologram of Channel √2 News, where Morbo reports that the creatures started evolving. One of the rabbits eats Linda and transforms into a lizard-like creature that resembles Bart. Frink wonders how Bart destroyed the future. Bart reveals, through a sepia-toned flashback, that when he put his sandwich in the time capsule, it touched Milhouse's lucky rabbit's foot and the toxic ooze in the hole touched the items in the time capsule mutating them into rabbit-like creatures with Bart's DNA. Lisa suggests they dig up the time capsule.

The Simpsons and the Planet Express crew arrive in the town square to dig up the capsule, but Groundskeeper Willie forbids them from doing so since it cannot be opened for another thousand years. Bender's ass then shows a hologram of Amy who assumes the creatures got a hold of Scruffy, but Scruffy reveals they only got his mustache. Since Scruffy figures life is not worth living without his mustache, he shoots his own head off. They see in the hologram that the creatures have destroyed the portal, and Bender sucks the crew and the Simpsons to the year 3014. Marge does a head count and realizes they left Maggie behind. Bender slates to take Maggie to the racetrack since he knows the outcome of every single horse race in this time.

In the future, the Simpsons all hang out at the Planet Express headquarters. Homer kills all of the Bart creatures by strangling them. Marge is discouraged that they cannot go back to their own time. Marge notes that Homer works at a nuclear power plant. When asked if he is good at his job, Homer takes pride in the fact that he was named "Employee of the Month" for April Fools' Day. The professor suggests that Fry and Homer fix the portal while the rest pray. Nibbler attempts to eat one of the creatures, but instead of pooping dark matter, he merely poops out another Bart creature. Lisa is surprised everyone has given up. The professor then proposes they shoot all the creatures into space. Lisa says she will round them up.

Back in Springfield, while Chief Wiggum, Eddie, and Lou are watching the horse race, Bender bets on a horse named Bender's Bounty, even though he died during the race. When the horse starts to lose, Bender obliterates the horse out of frustration, showing Bender himself was the cause of its death.

In New New York, Lisa tricks the Bart creatures into believing that Madison Cube Garden is full of Butterfinger bars and that people are laying their fingers on them. She also annoys them by playing a saxo-holophonor showing images of things she likes such as unicorns and kitty cats. Hermes locks all of the creatures into the cube and the Planet Express ship lifts the cube up and hurls it into space, to the excitement of the crew and Lisa, and to the discouragement of Bart.

Reconstruction begins in New New York and Fry and Homer successfully reactivate the portal, which sucks the Simpsons back to their present-day home. Marge is happy to be reunited with Maggie and notices her diaper is full. Bender volunteers to change it, revealing the diaper is full of money he won at the races. Bender bids the Simpsons farewell and shuts himself off to be awakened a thousand years later. Homer drags the robot to the basement and pours him one last can of Duff.

Back in the year 3014, it is revealed that the creatures ended up on Omicron Persei 8. Lrrr and Ndnd are both annoyed that the creatures are destroying the planet, especially since "the Johnsons" are coming. "The Johnsons" turn out to be Kang and Kodos. Ndnd runs away sobbing and Lrrr asks "the one of [them] that is "female" to console her, as both Kang and Kodos comfort her, and the episode finishes with a Simpsonized-version of the Futurama opening sequence.

Comic-Con Announcement

The episode was officially announced at the 2013 San Diego Comic-Con. Executive producer Al Jean stated that the cast of Futurama would guest star and it would either air as the season 25 finale or the season 26 premiere; however. this was faulty as season 25 was ended by "The Yellow Badge of Cowardge" and the premiere was "Clown in the Dumps."

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