Sir Oinks-A-Lot is the pig mascot of Springfield A&M, the rival school of Springfield University.


Sir Oinks-A-Lot had a long history of accomplishments at Springfield A&M, including when he conferred an honorary degree on Richard Nixon. He also presided over the annual Homecoming Dance. Sir Oinks-A-Lot was kidnapped as a prank by four Springfield University students (Homer and his three nerd friends Benjamin, Doug, and Gary). While loading him onto the car, Homer noted the tail when pulled was straight, yet when let go it was curly, and continuously did it, clearly oblivious to the obvious discomfort his actions were giving the pig, eventually forcing Oinks-A-Lot into biting Homer in the hand to make him stop, enraging him. Homer later got him drunk on malt liquor. When the Springfield University dean caught the trio of nerds with the drunken pig, the influence of the pig's "powerful friends" (including Nixon) forced the dean to take harsh action, expelling the three nerds. Sir Oinks-A-Lot was returned to Springfield A&M via helicopter.


  • Sir Oinks-a-lot is a pun of Sir Lancelot, a knight of the Round Table in the Arthurian legends.
  • Sir Oinks-a-lot may be a parody of the University of Arkansas' mascot, the Razorback.
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