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This article is about the character Ringo Starr. For the real-life musician and guest voice actor, please see Ringo Starr.
P.S.: Forgive the lateness of my reply.
―Ringo Starr answers his fan mail

Sir Richard Starkey, known professionally by his stage name Sir Ringo Starr, is an English musician who is most famous for being the drummer in The Beatles.


When Marge was in high school, she had an interest in art and a schoolgirl crush on Ringo, which led to her painting many pictures of him, including several of herself and Ringo together. When her art teacher saw her drawing a sketch of Ringo and criticized her, she sent Ringo a letter and one of the portraits she had painted of him, asking for his honest opinion of the painting. When she got no reply, she gave up her interest in art.

Years later, Ringo was shown in his estate in England, where he has in fact been spending years writing replies to every piece of fanmail he has ever received. His butler expresses his admiration to Ringo's devotion to writing, whereas Ringo claims it is simple courtesy as they took time to write to him and he must do in return. He answers one letter from a woman named Sally where he compliments her enclosed photograph and answers her questions, that his favorite color is blue and that Ringo is just a nickname; his true name is Richard. Next he opens Marge's package. In his reply to Marge, Ringo said that he liked the picture and had immediately hung it on his wall. He also said, in answer to her question, that "we do have hamburgers and fries in England, but we call French fries 'chips.'"  As with Sally's letter, then asked Marge to forgive the lateness of his reply.

Ringo's reply was fortuitously-timed: Marge was in a rut on her current art project (painting a portrait of Mr. Burns), and Ringo's reply inspired her to finish it.[1]

One of Marge's portraits of Ringo later appeared at a swap meet.[2] Another was seen in the Simpsons' attic.[3]