The Sit-N-Rotate is a restaurant on top of a large tower that continuously rotates, reached by an elevator in the middle of the stand. Skinner and Patty once went there on a date. Homer gave the restaurant a bad review during his stint as a food critic for The Springfield Shopper.

Non-canon appearances

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In the "Treehouse of Horror X" segment "Life's a Glitch, Then You Die", the world's computers start to malfunction because of a virus. The Sit-N-Rotate spins at a high speed until it gets off its stand and flies away.

In the video game The Simpsons Game, level "Invasion of the Yokel-Snatchers", Kang and Kodos destroy the restaurant and place their spaceship on the stand (the restaurant and the spaceship look similar).

Behind the laughter

  • It is loosely based on the Space Needle in Seattle. You can also find simillar restaurant in Bratislava, Slovakia, but presently, it is not rotating anymore.
Sit-n-rotate Tapped out

Tapped out


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