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Sitcom Parodies couch gag
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The Sitcom Parodies couch gag is the ninth couch gag of Season 20.


The Simpson family go through the sets of a few sitcoms. First, they enter the set of The Honeymooners, where they are dressed as the main characters. They look around the room, confused, as Maggie pops her head out of the purse on the desk.

Next, they run into the set of The Dick Van Dyke Show, where they are also dressed like the main characters. Homer tries to kiss Marge, but she covers his lips up and gestures toward their children, who are all sitting on the couch. Homer runs over there, but trips over a table and the rest of the family laughs at him.

Then, they all run into the set of The Brady Bunch, where they are dressed like the main characters again. They run up the stairs and smile at the camera, but Lisa gets hit in the nose by a football, leaving a large blemish on her nose.

After that, they run into the set of Cheers, where they are once again dressed like the main characters. They all set up their meals and get ready to eat, but Sideshow Bob walks into the bar, who scares the family away.

Finally, they run into the set of their own show, where they enter their living room, sit down on their couch and sigh in relief.

Character Appearances


  • In the parody of The Brady Bunch, Lisa (who was dressed as Marcia Brady) was hit in the nose by a football. This is a reference to the Brady Bunch episode The Subject Was Noses.
  • In the parody of Cheers, Sideshow Bob entering the room is a reference to Kelsey Grammer starring in the show, and also references Grammer's character in it.
  • The Cheers parody features an instrumental version of the "Flaming Moe's" jingle.
  • The Simpson family are dressed up as the main characters for each sitcom they enter in:
    • In The Honeymooners, Homer is Ralph Kramden, Marge is Alice Kramden, Bart is Ed Norton, and Lisa is Trixie Norton. Maggie is not dressed, though.
    • In The Dick Van Dyke Show, Homer is Rob Petrie, Marge is Laura Petrie, Bart is Buddy Sorrell, Lisa is Sally Rogers, and Maggie is Ritchie Petrie.
    • In The Brady Bunch, Homer is Mike Brady, Marge is Carol Brady, Bart is one of the Brady boys, Lisa is Marcia Brady, and Maggie is Cindy Brady.
    • In Cheers, Homer is Sam Malone, Marge is Diane Chambers, Bart is Woody Boyd, Lisa is Carla Tortelli, Maggie is Cliff Clavin, and Sideshow Bob is Dr. Frasier Crane.
  • This couch gag is currently the most repeated couch gag in HD format.



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