Gone Fishin'
The Pagans
Skateboarding's men's work.
Bart to Lisa.

Skateboarding is the twenty-first Simpsons short and originally aired on The Tracey Ullman Show on February 7, 1988 on Fox. This Simpsons short first aired when John Walsh became the host of the long running crime fighting TV program America's Most Wanted.


As Bart goes to skateboard down a hill in their yard, Lisa and Maggie want to join him. Bart claims it's men's work and as he goes down the hill, he realizes Lisa and Maggie are riding on the skateboard with him. Then, Bart goes down the hill again as "the skateboard champion of the universe" but Lisa passes Bart while she's upside-down! Finally, Bart attempts to distract Lisa and Maggie so he can go without them coming too. As Lisa comes down, Bart gains speed and puts her back farther from him. Then Maggie comes down and passes the shocked Bart.


The Simpson's - (Tracey Ullman Show)

The Simpson's - (Tracey Ullman Show)

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