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Skid Row is a district of Springfield. It's likely based on the real life Skid Row rather than the legendary rock band with the same name.


It is also known as "the wrong side of the tracks," as railroad tracks separate it from the nicer part of town. Skid Row is also referred to as several informal names, such as Bumtown, Junkytown and Junkyville. Most of this area's inhabitants are derelicts, bums, and junkies. Skid Row is likely located close to Crackton and the Badlands, which are also seedy parts of Springfield. It contains East Oak Street. When Marge Simpson was a police officer for a brief period, she was assigned to patrol Bumtown and Junkyville. There is a raving derelict living in Skid Row whom Ralph Wiggum is buddies with. Chester Lampwick lived in Bumtown before becoming a billionaire.