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Skinner's House is the home of Principal Skinner and his mother Agnes. The house belongs to Seymour, once clarifying that his mother lived with him, and not the other way around.[1] The wall in front of the staircase is dedicated to framed photos of their silhouettes, which they make one night a week. Their address is 330 Pikeland Ave.[2][3] It is next door to Martin Prince and his family.[4]


Skinner's house at night.

Skinner's house is the sight of frequent vandalism by the Springfield Elementary School students. Nelson, Jimbo, Dolph and Kearney once egged Skinner's house[5] and, in another instance, Bart and Milhouse blew up his mailbox and several garden gnomes with illegal fireworks.[6]

Skinner invited Superintendent Chalmers over to his house for lunch one time and had to sneak to a Krusty Burger behind his house after burning the meal he had planned to serve. The entire house eventually caught on fire, terrorizing his mother upstairs, who screamed for help.[7] In a similar incident, Skinner was about to serve dessert for Chalmers when an erotic cake from the Au Naturel bakery flew in from the window, and they had to eat it before Agnes came over to see the commotion.[8]

A school conference was held at Skinner's house once.[9]