The Great Money Caper
Skinner's Sense of Snow

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Previous Episode References

  • "Mr. Plow": Flanders mentions Homer's old snowplow business.
  • "Homer the Heretic": A snowstorm traps people inside a building (the church/the school)
  • "The Secret War of Lisa Simpson": Lisa watches a black and white movie with low production values.
  • "Homer's Night Out": Homer's obsession with belly dancers (dances with Princess Kashmir/imagines himself as a sultan being pleasured by belly dancers)
  • "Moaning Lisa": Someone is pelted with dodgeballs.
  • "Whacking Day": "Johnny Tremaine" is mentioned (only in "Whacking Day," Bart actually read and liked the book. In this episode, he burned the book).
  • "They Saved Lisa's Brain": A book burning is seen.
  • "Sweet Seymour Skinner's Baadasssss Song" and "Team Homer": Springfield Elementary goes to hell thanks to Bart's antics (taking the dog to school/wearing a "Down With Homework" T-shirt/rebelling against Principal Skinner).
  • "Mountain of Madness": People trapped in a snowed-in building, insanity from trying to escape a snowed-in building, and someone trying to tunnel out of a snowed-in building.
  • "Lisa the Simpson": Lisa reads a made-up word ("dumbening"/"know-it-all-ism") and declares that it's not a word.
  • "Home Sweet Homediddly-Dum-Doodily": Someone is put inside a sack (Bart is put in an onion sack after his lice-ridden clothes are burned/Skinner is put in a dodgeball sack as part of the school's revolution against him).
  • "Homer Goes to College": Bart and Lisa miss an Itchy and Scratchy episode where something finally happens (Scratchy finally kills Itchy/Itchy and Scratchy finally kiss).
  • Bart Gets an "F": Bart is summarized as being an "underachiever and proud of it," and reference to a man "writing his name in the snow."
  • "Bart on the Road": Someone foolishly believes that cruise control drives a car for you.
  • "The Principal and the Pauper": Skinner says he is very good at pretending things didn't happen.
  • "HOMЯ" The kids mention "the episode were they (Itchy and Scratchy) kiss. Homer watches From Here to Infirmary in the episode HOMЯ, which surprisingly aired after Skinner's Sense of Snow. However, HOMЯ was produced first.


  • There are two indirect male genitalia references in this episode. The first was when Groundskeeper Willie said "That's the last time you slap yer Willie around!" The second was when Skinner said "You did it Nibbles! Now chew through my ballsack!"
  • The couch gag (sort of) continues into the episode, when Homer is finished watching football. The couch gag is based on football.
  • Homer is wearing a Green Bay Packers jersey while watching football. The football matchup was between the Green Bay Packers and Denver Broncos. In real life, the two teams did not play each other during the 2000 NFL season but did so in 1999.
  • This is the last episode to be aired in the year 2000.
  • This episode aired exactly eleven years after the first christmas episode and five years after the second christmas episode.


  • Uter is at the school but in previous episodes it is said he had disappeared while on a field trip his parents were even shown meeting with Principal Skinner on the matter.
  • Bart burns the book Johnny Tremaine, but on the episode "Whacking Day," he read the entire book and liked it.
  • Skinner's line while Bart is burning books is, "Not Huck Finn! I spent hours crossing out the sass-back!", but in the closed captioning, it reads, "Oh, now you're just burning innocent linoleum. What did it ever do to you?". (On Disney+ the CC says the right thing) It is Possible the cc people were given an earlier copy of the script and the line was changed before it aired.
  • When the children are in flour sacks as they go to sleep, Bart rests his head on his red jacket. When Skinner switches the light off, it turns gray.
  • When Skinner was trying to call the kids' parents, the telephone hook was gray, but when he turns it off, the hook turns to blue.
  • If Homer and Ned was thinking of a way to be free from the frozen plow truck, why didn’t they just punch through the windows?
  • Lisa is not present in most of the school scenes, such as in the cafeteria or when the kids rebel against Skinner. She reappears when the kids are going to sleep. It is unlikely that she left the room since Skinner locked the doors.
  • Nibbles' hamster-ball crashed through Ned's' car windscreen, but when the vehicle hit the salt silo, it was intact.
  • Rod and Todd are in the car at the end scene, although they were never seen in the car or at the school before Homer and Ned picked up the Simpson kids (They were on the bus on the way to school though). Tod is there in the cafeteria in the scene when nelson tries to escape on the bike he is in the foreground of the bike at the very last bounce of the bike. Rod was also in the came cafeteria scene when they are marching on Skinner chanting we want out he is on the left of the screen between Milhouse and Bart. They are both seen at multiple other points at the school ei Tod being picked up by the collar by Nelson and Rod in the back of the crowd when skinner yels for help when Barts tunnel collapses on him.
  • Homer states that he never had a business (appaerently because he doesn't remember it) but in Poppa's Got a Brand New Badge when he is naming all the jobs he ever had he does name it.

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