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"Sky Police" is the sixteenth episode of Season 26. This episode aired the day former crew member Sam Simon passed away.


Chief Wiggum is mistakenly delivered a military jet pack, the SkyMaster X4000, which he gleefully accepts. As Lou attempts to tell him that the flyer has to train for 40 hours to become certified for it, Wiggum can't help but try it out. Willfully he became good at it on his own - after smashing a police cruiser, knocking into a police helicopter, and destroying the prison wall, releasing Fat Tony and Snake. He calls himself the "Sky Police" (the name of the episode) and enjoys it.

He is later found by a military general named Clancy Wiggins, who originally bought the jet pack, and instead received Wiggum's order for an off-brand dust gruffer (which had been sent to the station by his wife, thus keeping him from going to stop a sniper-related crime with Eddie and Lou). Wiggum tries to escape by lying that he will find it, but is shot down by the general's soldiers and falls on the general.

The jet pack continues to fly, narrowly hits the tire fire, almost falls into the packet disposal plant (a dump for jet packs full of the type) and suddenly crashes into the First Church of Springfield. Insurance agent Gil Gunderson then tells Reverend Lovejoy that the insurance will cover everything except the acts of God. Reverend Lovejoy says that they at church believe everything is an act of God, to which Gil happily stamps "REJECTED" on the church's insurance claim, saving his company from a large payout. Soon after, the congregation, led by Marge must resort to gambling and counting cards, taught by Apu, in order to collect money to pay for the repairs. Since this is risky, Marge will have to keep this quiet to Homer and instead tells him they are putting up a review. Marge then proceeds to go to the casino with Sideshow Mel, Ned, Agnes Skinner, Reverend Lovejoy and his wife Helen. Marge tells Homer they will save the church and when Homer asks Marge about the review, she answers all of his questions and thankfully he buys it. The next day Apu tells everybody that now they have to wear disguises as the casino security guards are on to them now. While the kids find out what Marge is up to after coming home from school, knowing that her kids are grown up to be trusted with this secret and tells them she'll tell Homer in the morning. The disguises worked and they win enough money for the church but Homer found out about the whole thing and went looking for Marge at the casino when she didn't come home.

The casino then holds Homer hostage in exchange for return of the money won, which they can't because they already gave it to the contractor, who laughs at the idea of giving it back. While there Homer asks why they want the money back since card counting is not illegal or even cheating at the game. The goons holding him, unable to come up with an answer silence Homer by putting his head in a vice.

Marge prays in the middle of the casino which attracts a huge crowd. The casino lets Homer go because Marge was causing a disturbance that hurt business. The owner tells them they can even keep the money they won, but are banned from ever entering the casino again. Homer refuses and demands the casino stop treating people who count cards like they are cheating when all they are doing is playing by the rules, but he is then thrown out by a robot.

The credits has a promo for Sky Police, where Chief Wiggum (having somehow managed to get his jet pack back) proceeds to take Nelson and place him in the atmosphere that the latter proceeds to gradually freeze due to the latter stealing a cupcake from Ralph; using the jet pack to enter a Jacuzzi with various women; receiving a severe dressing down from Mayor Quimby before being ordered to hand over his badge, gun, and jet pack (although the latter item ended up crushing Quimby when Wiggum proceeded to "hand it over"), and then pursuing Snake into an abandoned warehouse only to discover that the latter had his own jet pack, with them then proceeding to charge each other.

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