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Skydiving Family couch gag
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The Skydiving Family couch gag is the fifteenth couch gag of Season 24.


The Simpson family jumps from a blimp and go skydiving. Everyone successfully pulls out their parachute, except for Homer's, which falls off of his suit. Homer screams about this, and he falls onto the others. As the others grab onto Homer, they all scream as they fall down. They fall so fast that they crash land into the attic, the bathroom, and the living room. They land on the couch safely, but it breaks, and Homer shouts, "D'oh!"

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  • This is the first couch gag to continue directly to the episode.
  • This is also the first couch gag to not use the "Created By/Developed By" TV credits.
  • This couch gag actually becomes part of the episode's plot, where after this couch gag, the Simpson family plans to get a new couch after their old couch was broken here.

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