All's Fair in Oven War
Sleeping with the Enemy
She Used to Be My Girl
Lisa: Ladies, grab your peddles! [Sherri, Terri & Janey grabs their peddles off the pavement]
[Lisa then tries to pick hers up, but the three girls can see her rear]
Sherri: *giggles*
Lisa: What!?
Sherri: Nothing...
[Lisa tries to pick up her peddle again, the girls see her rear again]
Sherri, Terri, and Janey: *giggles* Lisa has a big butt! Lisa has a big butt!
Lisa: Shut up! I do not!
Terri: Oh, no! Don't make Lisa mad!
Sherri: She might crush us all with her giant butt!

Homer: Well, take note of this! [grunting while strangling Bart, Bart laughing while strangled]

Ralph Wiggum: Bart's my bestest boyfriend!

(Marge in the Bowling Alley with Nelson)
Marge: Sometimes, I think he's more interested in his Itchy and Mitchy cartoons than me.

(Bart and Lisa go home and witness Marge hugging Nelson)
Bart: My mother... my bully... my God.

(Marge opens the door and meets Mrs. Muntz)
Mrs. Muntz: Self-respect. No wonder he came home with his vest all buttoned like he was somebody. (Underwear falls)
Marge: Go home to your son, Mrs. Muntz, and try not to have intercourse on the way.

Everyone except Sherri and Terri: (singing) Sherri smells, Terri smells,Stinky all the way. Stink stink stink, Stink stink stink, One horse open sleigh!

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