All's Fair in Oven War
Sleeping with the Enemy
She Used to Be My Girl

Cultural references

  • The title is a reference to the Sleeping with the Enemy, a 1991 film.
  • The song everybody else sang, when Sherri and Terri got sprayed by a skunk in a cookie box, is a parody of Jingle Bells.
  • The watermark that says "Only You can Prevent test fraud" references Smokey the Bears famous quote: “Only you can prevent wild fires.”


  • When Homer draws a picture of himself it looks similar to his original look. Originally, Homer was going to have a G for his ear and the M on his hair and it would form Matt Groening's initials. However, as explained in the audio commentary for "Lost Our Lisa", the design was dumped as it would be to distracting for fans.
  • Bart has no friends
  • The last time Lisa imagined herself fat and being with a boy who has a crush on her and denied the fantasy happening was in "Lisa the Simpson". This is also the last episode where Lisa was concerned about her Simpson DNA.
  • This was the fourth time Lisa's fat butt was commented on. The previous times were in "$pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling)" (not wanting to dress up in a state of Nevada costume), "Lisa's Date with Density" (Nelson told her that it stuck out), "The Strong Arms of the Ma" (Marge apparently called her glutes "saggy"), and "Old Yeller-Belly" (Bart, impersonating Marge, claimed the doctor thought it was too big).
  • Second episode where Marge brings a kid she bonded with to the Simpson house, much to Bart's dissatisfaction. First was "This Little Wiggy" which in that episode it was Ralph Wiggum. In this episode, it is Nelson Muntz.
  • Eddie Muntz’s allergy is revealed to be peanuts.
  • Nelson mentions his deceased sister.


Sleeping With The Enemy (160).jpg

  • When Sherri and Terri are running away from the skunk, Terri has a purple hand.
  • Homer drew a simple black and white sketch of himself, but when he talks to Lisa, his drawing is colored.
  • Homer was seen eating a sandwich, but the sandwich had toothpicks, therefore, Homer would’ve ended up in the hospital.

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