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Cultural references


  • Marge gives Lisa the paper quoting "You are Lisa Simpson". Mr. Bergstrom gave her a similar paper in the episode "Lisa's Substitute" which Lisa points out to Marge.
  • Lisa would go on to have another identity crisis in "Boy Meets Curl".
  • The poster looking for Lisa that says "Free Beer: Now that I got your attention....", which is like the one where Bart's campaign poster says "Sex: Now that I got your attention..."
  • Lisa said her I.Q. is 159. In "Homer's Enemy", Homer states Lisa's I.Q. is 156. Unless it increased by three points in the time between the two episodes.
  • Lisa claims Maggie isn't dumb just because she can't speak, interestingly dumb is a word used to describe someone who cannot speak.
  • The last time Homer, Marge and Bart entered a body was in "Treehouse of Horror XV".
  • The last time Homer impersonated Stephen Hawking was in "They Saved Lisa's Brain".
  • It is revealed that Abe is in his 80s.
  • Lisa slept on the bitter part of tongue and then on the sweet part at museum, but in fact, these parts aren't divided exactly.
  • It is widely believed that Simon Cowell voiced himself, but he is once referred to as Henry, by Ms. Wickerbottom.
  • Lisa claims her shoes are sandals, which are not since her toes would have been visible.
  • It is revealed Homer cannot spell his own name. He was probably only typing every letter that spells his name just to hear Phonic Frog say "Huh-Oh-Muh-Eh-Er" after testing it by pressing A, B and C, only to hear "Ah-Buh-Cuh".
  • One of the identities Lisa tries is that of a soccer player. She later became one in "Marge Gamer".
  • This is the second episode where a character talks negatively about the people credited except the guest star. The first was "Bart Star".
  • Second episode where Maggie is able to point to something with an advanced name. First was "Lady Bouvier's Lover".
  • Second episode where Homer cheers on a real-life college sports team ("Go Seminoles!"). The first was "The Bart Wants What It Wants".
  • The windows at the Pancake restaurant look identical to the windows at Moe's Bar.

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