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Smitty! Safen up
Homer Simpson

Smitty is an employee at Springfield Nuclear Power Plant.[1]


Smitty's name was revealed in Moe's Little Black Book as having made a $12 bet for New Orleans.

Smitty has been working at the SNPP for over 6 years, as revealed in Manger Things.[2]

He can be seen drinking coffee in a chair when Homer tells to him Safen up, after Horst comes in.After Homer changed a paper with Smitty's name to "Spitty" because he spits when he talks. He was told by Carl which told him at needed have part of his tongue removed. Homer felt sorry and said at he didn't know that. Once, During a drug test, his urine was filled with Gamma radiation. When he was told about this radiation, he asks if he was like the Hulk, Dr. Hibbert says it is like The Hulk, but he won't be getting powerful, he will get very sick. Smitty falls to the floor and says "Hulk smash", Dr. Hibbert pats him on the head and says "yes, Hulk smash". Smitty also attended a meeting about sexual harassment, that Flanders hosted. Then Smitty got asked to say hello to Jacqueline. Then Smitty asked what happens if he touched Jacqueline, Ned let him do it. Smitty did so, and a trap door opened below him. Mr. Burns tells Smitty his behavior is obnoxious and offensive and promoted him to an executive. He was also lost in a fire once. [3]


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